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Download Website Updated 29 Mar 2004 inAccess Networks JTAG tools

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inAccess Networks JTAG tools is a collection of code and a set of tools for using the JTAG interface (present in most modern microprocessors) to perform hardware tests, and for programming Flash Memory Devices connected to the processor's bus. It is especially useful for performing initial hardware tests and for bootstrapping prototype systems. It runs on a "host system" (e.g., a desktop computer with Linux) and accesses the "target system" (e.g., the embedded system's CPU board) through a simple five-line hardware interface. The host system's parallel port is used as the hardware interface, though other arrangements can be supported very easily. It is quite modular and though it currently supports the Intel StrongARM SA-1110, the Intel PXA255, and the Intel StrataFlash ICs, it can be easily extended to support other target hardware configurations by writing simple modules.

Download Website Updated 26 Jun 2006 kexec-chooser

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kexec-chooser is a thin wrapper around the kexec tool. It looks in /boot for available kernel images and associated ramdisk images, and will make the appropriate kexec call to load these into memory, and then create a stamp file. On a reboot (init level 6), if the stamp file exists, "kexec -e" will be called to execute the loaded kernel (a "warm reboot") instead of rebooting the machine.

No download Website Updated 10 Dec 2011 kexec-loader

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kexec-loader is a Linux-based bootloader that aims to fit on a floppy and have a grub-like interface and configuration system. It loads kernels using the kexec system calls.

Download Website Updated 12 Feb 2009 loadlin

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Loadlin is a bootloader that starts Linux from DOS.

Download Website Updated 18 Mar 2005 makebootfat

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makebootfat is a tool to make bootable USB disks. It can autodetect, partition, format, and populate the USB disk in a single step without any user interaction. It can also create disk images which are simultaneously compatible with all the three USB booting standards: USB-FDD, USB-HDD, and USB-ZIP.

Download Website Updated 17 Apr 2002 mapscsi

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mapscsi is a Linux SCSI device mapping tool which solves the problem of SCSI device names being allocated in the order of probing. The problem is that when an additional device is added and has a lower host, channel, or ID than existing devices, the other devices will all be shuffled along on the next reboot (i.e. /dev/sdb becomes /dev/sdc, etc.). mapscsi solves this by creating symbolic links to Linux SCSI devices after scanning all SCSI devices, using information probed from the devices and a set of mapping rules containing device templates to dynamically create link names. mapscsi can fetch Fibre Channel world wide names and loop IDs when using Qlogic HBAs with the qla2x00 driver. mapscsi is a simple alternative to devfs, and provides the added ability of including drive information such as vendor/product/Fibre channel address details, PCI location, and serial numbers in device link names. mapscsi is particularily useful in Fibre Channel SAN environments.

No download Website Updated 13 Mar 2006 mbldr

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mbldr (Master Boot LoaDeR) is a boot loader which fits into the first sector of an HDD (MBR). It allows the user to choose which partition to boot and is intended to replace an MBR that comes with DOS/Windows (fdisk /mbr). It may boot OSes above the 1024th cylinder, and Linux and BSD are also supported. mbldr is based on OS Boot Select (OS-BS) project by Thomas wolfRAM.

Download Website Updated 09 Dec 2008 mbootpack

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mbootpack is a tool that takes a Multiboot kernel and modules (e.g. a Xen VMM or a xen-linux kernel and initrd), and packages them up as a single file that looks like a bzImage Linux kernel. The aim is to allow you to boot Multiboot kernels (specifically, Xen) using bootloaders that don't support the Multiboot standard (i.e. pretty much anything except GRUB).

Download Website Updated 03 Sep 2013 mdadm

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mdadm is a tool for creating, maintaining, and monitoring Linux "md" device arrays, also known as Software RAID.

Download Website Updated 19 May 2002 miniboot

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miniboot scans the flash ROM for an image to start if the checksum is correct. It also provides a way to update the image; S-Records are interpreted via the serial-line and programmed into the flash ROM on the fly.


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