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Download No website Updated 06 Nov 2010 cpos-recovery

Pop 19.75
Vit 35.50

cpos-recovery is a tool that makes a bootable backup copy or a tar file of the current system on backup media. This can be used to reinstall a root partition in minutes, in the event of major problems.

No download Website Updated 25 Mar 2011 wspurify

Pop 12.69
Vit 33.47

wspurify removes all whitespace from the end of each line and removes every blank line from the end of the file. This utility is only supposed to work on plain text files having Unix newlines; binary files are ignored.

No download No website Updated 25 May 2011 Sam

Pop 19.00
Vit 32.57

Sam is a Morse code trainer. It is a bash script that runs in a terminal. It beeps and boops out the command-line arguments in Morse code. If there are no command-line arguments, then it beeps and boops the Usage message. Simple, no? But the gimmick is that it prints out the text to the terminal, and the cursor below the text keeps track of which letter is being sounded.

No download Website Updated 12 Aug 2013 Poor Mans Storage Appliance

Pop 73.55
Vit 1.43

Poor Mans Storage Appliance creates a Virtual Appliance which can join an HA cluster to create shared storage for a virtualized environment.

Download Website Updated 26 May 2013 Mtpkg

Pop 19.95
Vit 1.00

Mtpkg is a small and simple (script-based) package manager. It is used by the Mnix GNU/Linux distribution. It support operations to build, install, remove, download, and update packages.

No download No website Updated 08 Aug 2013 SWATnalysis

Pop 19.52
Vit 15.96

SWATnalysis is a utility that runs the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) and analyzes its output files. It converts archaically formatted SWAT output files into more user friendly CSV files, performs graphical analysis, calculates area weighted precipitation values, and performs statistical analysis of observed data versus simulated data.

No download No website Updated 16 Mar 2014 AudioScope

Pop 106.62
Vit 3.54

AudioScope is a text mode audio oscilloscope that captures sounds using DEMO, SOX, or DSP (/dev/dsp}. It is primarily a learning tool for kids. The script includes code and circuit diagrams for calibrating the horizontal and vertical axes. It features a demo mode with no dependences that samples /dev/urandom.

No download Website Updated 25 Jan 2014 Shell Package Manager

Pop 34.42
Vit 11.15

Shell Package Manager is a collection of sh scripts for (un)installing packages that can't be installed by default with apt-get.


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MUltihost SSH Wrapper

Broadcasts commands over SSH to multiple hosts.


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A software wavetable synth.