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Download Website Updated 09 Nov 2010 Beaver Backup

Pop 14.66
Vit 35.51

Beaver is a simple concurrent backup system with snapshotting. It is based on a simple list of servers, a file of configuration options, and lists of things to be excluded or included. More powerful configuration options are available in the configuration files. Different copies of beaver backup can be run on the same server with different configuration files. Beaver backup is normally run by cron on a central backup box and uses keychain for remote authentication.

No download Website Updated 18 Aug 2010 Sync-n-Tar

Pop 16.88
Vit 36.65

Sync-n-Tar is a full-featured rsync and tar-based backup utility that provides a fully customizable method for backing up your system.

No download Website Updated 08 Dec 2009 CryptBackup

Pop 20.86
Vit 39.93

CryptBackup is an encrypted backup application for Linux desktop users. It allows even a layperson to backup their home directory (including the desktop) on an encrypted external device with just a few clicks. Even the setup is only to choose the external device (such as an external hard drive) and to set a password.

No download Website Updated 11 Nov 2009 Tartarus

Pop 30.17
Vit 1.53

Tartarus is a backup script designed to make backups of dedicated servers easy. It employs a range of standard Unix tools to achieve this goal, to simplify disaster recovery even when only a minimal rescue system is available. Archives can be stored on-the-fly on FTP servers as well as in the local filesystem, while a plugin system allows adaption to a wide range of usage scenarios. The use of LVM snapshots and the creation of differential backups are also included, as is an expire script to remove older archives from an FTP site.

Download No website Updated 06 Apr 2008 Eloy Backup System

Pop 19.75
Vit 1.00

Eloy is a command line backup system. You simply define the directories to back up, and Eloy does partial backups of all changes. You can easily list all changes and restore older versions of files and directories.

Download Website Updated 26 Jun 2008 MySQL Savior

Pop 44.16
Vit 1.77

MySQL Savior is a bash script that, after simple configuration, will create local backups of your databases. If configured to do so it can also email your backups to a remote email address or scp them to a remote server. Or it can do all 3.

Download Website Updated 26 Jan 2008 Backup-DVD

Pop 26.94
Vit 1.00

Backup-DVD is a simple script to backup the entire system on a rewritable DVD. It is designed to be manily used as a cron job. It logs operations in /var/log/backup.log and sends feedback by email, and it is fully configurable by editing /etc/backup-dvd/backup-dvd.conf. This script cannot be run as sudo; it must be run directly as root.

No download Website Updated 13 Dec 2007 web-archive-creator

Pop 13.78
Vit 1.00

wget can be used to download a Web site, with all pages referenced by the originating one, but it saves all pages in a directory tree (or single directory). The intention of web-archive-creator is to join the power of wget and the usability of the .war format, which Konqueror is able to browse. The Web ARrchive format is simply a tarred and gzipped file containing the Web files. The web-archive-creator script performs the download with wget and writes an index.html linking to the starting pages/URLs wget fetched.

Download Website Updated 10 May 2008 Zumastor

Pop 54.96
Vit 2.08

The Zumastor Linux storage project adds enterprise storage features to Linux, primarily improved snapshots and remote replication. Point-in-time, near zero-cost, block level snapshots can be added to any existing filesystem and performance does not degrade with multiple snapshots. Remote replication is achieved by sending minimal block level deltas between snapshots without having to traverse the entire filesystem like rsync does.

Download Website Updated 18 Jan 2009 RBME

Pop 23.45
Vit 1.12

RBME (Rsync Backup Made Easy) is a simple tool to assist in implementing a general backup solution based on rsync and hardlinks with an automated management of the disk space on the backup media. This is achieved by removing old backups from the backup media in a way which will ensure that (over the long run) the amount of backups should even out for all hosts involved. After the initial full backup RBME will forever do incremental backups against the last backup to conserve time and network bandwidth.


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