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Download Website Updated 15 Apr 2005 Einstein@GNOME

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Einstein@GNOME is a GNOME panel applet that lets you sacrifice idle CPU time to help the Einstein@Home neutron star search project. It is a front-end to the boinc command line client.

Download Website Updated 12 Apr 2005 GNOME Lunar Clock Applet

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GNOME Lunar Clock Applet displays the current phase of the moon as an applet for the GNOME panel. It also provides various astronomical data such as clock functions, rise and set times for the moon, and the current coordinates of the moon.

Download Website Updated 01 Apr 2005 Ksetiwatch

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Ksetiwatch is a monitoring tool for the SETI@home distributed computing project, which searches for signals of extraterrestrial life. It displays the state of the Seti@home client(s) running on your computer or in your local network, and logs/manages completed work units.

Download Website Updated 31 Mar 2005 Squeuer

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Squeuer is a queueing proxy for Seti@Home. It keeps a configurable sized queue of work units so that the client will always be able to get a new work unit immediately upon finishing one. It queues results for uploading should the main Seti@Home site be overloaded or down. Results are never lost and the client is never delayed waiting to upload a result. It can handle multiple users running the Seti@Home client on multiple machines all connecting to Squeuer. It has been tested and found to work on different versions of Unix, MacOS, and Windows. All it requires is a Perl 5 interpreter.

Download Website Updated 25 Feb 2005 skyviewer

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skyviewer is an OpenGL-based program to display HEALPix-based skymaps, saved in FITS format files. The loaded skymaps can be viewed either on a 3D sphere or as a Mollweide projection. In either case, realtime panning and zooming are supported, along with rotations for the 3D sphere view, assuming you have a strong enough graphics card.

No download Website Updated 11 Jan 2005 lin-seti

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Vit 3.05

lin-seti is a command line program allowing the user to mantain a cache of work units for the Seti@Home client. It should run without any problem on Unix-like systems, including Linux. It is designed to be fully compatible with SETI Driver (similar software for Windows), so you can share the same cache on dual boot systems.

Download Website Updated 01 Jan 2005 pscal

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pscal is a simple shell script that creates PostScript calendars. It's not the most advanced calendar creator available, but for quick, nice looking calendars, it's very handy to have sitting in your bin directory. Features include: font selection, user-defined holidays, phase of moon, and days past/remaining in the year.

Download Website Updated 09 Dec 2004 Sunwait

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Sunwait is a small program for calculating sunrise, sunset, civil twilight, nautical twilight, and astronomical twilight. It has options to wait until some time-offset from one of these events, making it useful for home automation tasks that should happen relative to the sun's position.

No download Website Updated 02 Nov 2004 Cactus

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Cactus is a general, modular, parallel environment for solving systems of partial differential equations. The code has been developed over many years by a large international collaboration of numerical relativity and computational science research groups and can be used to provide a portable platform for solving any system of partial differential equations.

No download Website Updated 13 Sep 2004 fundamental

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fundamental uses reverse polish notation and can search for formulas for sequences of numbers as well as relationships between constants.


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Talend Open Studio for ESB

A versatile and flexible enterprise service bus.


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An LDAP-enabled mailing list access policy daemon for Postfix.