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No download Website Updated 14 Apr 2014 TRIP

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TRIP is a general computer algebra system dedicated to celestial mechanics. It includes a numerical kernel and has interfaces to gnuplot and xmgrace. Computations can be performed with double, quadruple, or multi-precision. Users can dynamically load external libraries written in C, C++, or Fortran. Parallel computations on multivariate polynomials can be performed.

Download Website Updated 14 Feb 2000 xgrc

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GreatCircle (xgrc) plots the shortest path between two locations onto a mercator projection map. The coordinates are given by clicking the map with mouse.

Download Website Updated 28 Jun 2003 XGravity

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Xgravity is a program for the simulation of 3D gravitational motion of n-bodies. It reads a file with the current state of the bodies, and displays the motion. It features a nice isometric perspective, Red-Green stereographics, and a stereographic perspective which allows you to see the trace in "real" 3D. There is a GTK GUI interface in development, which gives you the ability to perform basic operations with the system, like modifing objects, rotating, eliminating drift, and launching a simulation.

Download Website Updated 24 May 2001 COSMIX

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COSMIX is a general purpose N body integrator. It allows simulation of the behavior of gravitational systems according to different physical theories. The current release is only a test release - it only supports the newtonian approximation. The project aims at tackling relativity in coming releases.

Download Website Updated 07 Feb 2002 spiderd

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spiderd is a multi-threading telescope motion control daemon within the Nova project.

Download Website Updated 26 Feb 2002 Astro Info

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Astro Info is an astronomical ephemeris/almanac for PalmOS. It displays some basic information useful to stargazers, such as rise, trans, and set times, coordinates, magnitude and phase information for Sun, Moon, and the other 8 planets and stars. It can display a view of the sky (with stars, the Sun, Moon, and planets positioned) at arbitrary times and locations. You can also search for objects based on their names and see where they are.

Download Website Updated 06 Jul 2003 IrcMap C2

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IRcMap C2 is a Java applet to show tree structures such as networks, data structures, or enterprise structures. It is based on the idea of the irc-hispano server map.

No download Website Updated 14 Jul 2003 Two Dimensional Graph

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graph2d generates images of two dimensional graphs. It can be used to draw graphs of functions, taking some image parameters like the type, sizes, left, right, top, bottom borders, scales for x and y axis, legends, title, and two arrays and draws the graph of a function.

No download Website Updated 16 Sep 2003 Astro::FITS::HdrTrans

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Astro::FITS::HdrTrans translates instrument-specific FITS headers into generic ones. It is easily extensible to new instruments, as one only needs to write translation methods (or, even more simply, add values and keys to a hash for one-to-one translations).

Download No website Updated 06 Sep 2005 UFOClock

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UFOClock draws an astronomical clock. From it you can read the time of day, phase of the lunar month, ratio of day to night, time until a solstice or equinox, and time until the end or beginning of twilight. The time of day depends on your location on the surface of the Earth, which you can enter on the command line or in a dotfile in your home directory. Location can be given as latitude/longitude or ZIP code. It is called UFO clock because it sort of looks like crop circles. It is based on Sundial by George Williams. It requires GLUT installed to run and the NOVAS library to build.


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A GUI tool to configure SELinux policy.


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A digital e-portfolio builder and social networking application.