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Download Website Updated 22 Apr 2005 CD Shell

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Vit 8.34

CD Shell is a scriptable menu system that provides the ability to create interactive multi-boot optical discs. It will make PC-bootable compact discs or DVDs that can select from several program loaders or kernels located on the disc, or boot from other local disk drives that are attached to the system.

Download No website Updated 23 Nov 2005 gzip_x86

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Vit 2.06

gzip_x86 is a distribution of gzip tuned for faster decompressing when running on Linux/x86.

Download Website Updated 02 Jul 2004 rtldi

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Vit 2.02

rtldi is an ELF program interpreter that makes it possible for executables to use their own and and associated shared libraries, independent of the default versions installed in /lib and any other executable. It facilitates the simultaneous interoperation of programs that were originally linked using different generations of glibc6. In theory it should not be necessary, but in practice glibc6 has not always been backward compatible.

No download Website Updated 15 Dec 2013 magicErmine

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Vit 25.02

magicErmine is a tool for creating portable applications for Linux. It allows the same Linux executable to be run on a wide range of different distributions. Like statifier, It makes one executable file with no run-time dependencies from a dynamically linked executable and all of its libraries. Unlike statifier, it is able to add arbitrary files to the packed executable, such as configuration files or pixmaps.


Project Spotlight


A utility that converts an ICC profile from v2 to v4.


Project Spotlight


A Web-based calendar written in PHP/SQL.