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Download Website Updated 23 Apr 2004 blib

Pop 48.00
Vit 4.03

blib is a library full of useful things to hack the Blinkenlights. If you need to read the various formats for Blinkenlights movies, want to implement the network protocol, or aim to develop a viewer/editor or simulator for the Blinkenlights, this is what you need.

Download No website Updated 23 Apr 2004 blinkentools

Pop 42.11
Vit 3.41

blinkentools is a set of commandline utilities related to Blinkenlights. It includes b2b, a converter for blinkenmovies that can apply some simple effects, b2mng, which creates MNG animations from blinkenmovies, and bsend, which sends movies over the net using the Blinkenlights network protocol.

Download No website Updated 09 Mar 2004 blinkensim

Pop 42.90
Vit 3.03

blinkensim is a graphical Blinkenlights simulator that displays the UDP packets it receives according to the Blinkenlights network protocol. It supports themes and comes with graphical backends for DirectFB and GTK+ as well as a console backend based on AA-lib.

Download Website Updated 06 Nov 2002 Cardpics

Pop 31.24
Vit 1.74

Cardpics is a set of free cards sets for use in programming card games.

No download Website Updated 16 Aug 2009 Allegro Sprite Editor

Pop 69.43
Vit 5.19

Allegro Sprite Editor (ASE) is a program specially designed with facilities to create animated sprites that can be used in some video game. It lets you create static images, characters with movement, textures, patterns, backgrounds, logos, color palettes, etc. It focuses on pixel editing to do pixel art. It isn't a photo retouching tool or a vector graphics editor. Mainly, it is a tool to create tiny animations pixel-by-pixel.

Download Website Updated 27 Mar 2003 Liquid for Maya

Pop 21.17
Vit 1.44

LiquidMaya is a Maya to Renderman plug-in that handles full Renderman output support with a focus on speed, efficiency, and extensibility. Its features include procedural rib generation, full network rendering support, segmented rib files, a shader assignment interface, and much more. Along with the ability to write full C++ plug-ins, it is incredibly easy to script Liquid with Mel. Liquid was used for the visual effects of the "Lord of the Rings" movie.

Download No website Updated 18 Jul 2003 Open Beat Box

Pop 49.04
Vit 2.30

Open Beat Box (OBB) is an open-source beat box.

Download Website Updated 28 Dec 2002 Autocomp

Pop 11.49
Vit 1.00

Autocomp is an accompaniment generator for Perl and Csound. It takes as input a text file containing chord changes, plus time signature and bpm information, and outputs a Csound .sco file containing a simple arrangement of those changes. A sample Csound .orc file containing a bass instrument, a selection of keyboard instruments, and a small sample-based drumkit is provided.

Download No website Updated 17 May 2003 RoboRally Board Editor

Pop 36.50
Vit 2.27

RoboRally Board editor is a Java utility for creating boards for the board game, RoboRally. It has a simple graphical interface where you choose an element of a game and place it on the board where you like it, much like an ordinary drawing program. When elements are in place you can remove, rotate, and edit them as you see fit. When you feel done you can export your board as a JPEG and print it with your favorite printing tool. The current version supports all the features of the standard RoboRally game.

Download Website Updated 27 Jan 2013 evolvotron

Pop 166.85
Vit 14.31

Evolvotron is an interactive "generative art" application to evolve images/textures/patterns through an iterative process of random mutation and user-selection driven evolution. If you like lava lamps, and never got tired of the Mandelbrot set, this could be the software for you. It's implemented using Qt, and is multithreaded.


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Web-based firewall log analyzer for netfilter/ipfilter/ipfw/ipchains/cisco/snort /ulogd logs.


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PHP Email address validation component

PHP class to verify if a e-mail address is valid.