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Download Website Updated 17 Oct 2007 ipmap

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Ipmap is an IP address grapher, inspired by an xkcd comic and glTail. It reads data from standard input and maps IP/size pairs on a map. You could run this unmaintained on some display in your NOC to visualize network traffic as an eye-catcher.

Download Website Updated 06 Feb 2005 Sound Of Traffic

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Sound of Traffic is an application that converts TCP/IP header information into MIDI notes via the Java Synthesizer. Its purpose is to listen in on network traffic in ordered time via a tempo rather than in real-time, which could be more chaotic. In this sense it becomes closer to music then noise.

Download No website Updated 04 Jun 2008 alph

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alph implements and analyzes historical and traditional ciphers and codes, such as polyalphabetic, substitutional, and mixed employing human-reconstructable algorithms. It provides a pipe filter interface in order to encrypt and decrypt block text to achieve transparency. The program is meant to be used in conjunction with external programs that transfer data, resulting in transparent encryption or decryption of information. The program can thus be used as a mail filter, IRC filter, IM filter, and so on.


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A fast HTML to text converter.


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Open MPI

A next-generation implementation of the MPI standard.