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Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 email2sms

Pop 45.52
Vit 1.45

email2sms is a filter written in Perl which converts an e-mail into a form suitable for sending as an SMS message. Its main advantage over the alternatives is that it uses the CPAN module Lingua::EN::Squeeze to compress the text down to as little as 40% of its original size, so you can get much more of your e-mail into the 160 character limit imposed by SMS. It is fully MIME compatible, and has many configurable options, including removal of quoted text. Ideal for use with procmail. A Perl script for sending the output to a typical e-mail to SMS web gateway is included.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 fmscore

Pop 16.43
Vit 1.81

fmscore is a Perl5 program which uses the Mail::Freshmeat Perl module to parse freshmeat daily e-mail newsletters, and then rank them by interest according to highly flexible user-supplied ranking rules. Articles below a specified score will be removed from the output. fmscore is intended/suitable for use as a procmail filter.

Download Website Updated 24 Feb 2002 parp

Pop 33.94
Vit 1.52

parp is a powerful, extensible e-mail filter with sophisticated anti-spam capabilities. It's designed as a complete replacement for procmail, is MIME-aware, and acts as a filter, daemon, or on mailboxes. It uses the Open Relay Database as part of its spam-detection heuristics, and it has a DBM-format database of trusted e-mail addresses to ensure that false positives are kept to a minimum. It can perform duplicate removal by message ID, and has many other features.

Download Website Updated 14 Jul 2002 procmail

Pop 269.22
Vit 3.32

The procmail and formail mail processing package can be used to create mail-servers, mailing lists, sort your incoming mail into separate folders/files (real convenient when subscribing to one or more mailing lists or for prioritising your mail), preprocess your mail, start any programs upon mail arrival (e.g. to generate different chimes on your workstation for different types of mail) or selectively forward certain incoming mail automatically to someone.

Download Website Updated 01 Jun 2006 Vipul's Razor

Pop 214.40
Vit 5.31

Vipul's Razor is a distributed, collaborative, spam detection and filtering network that exploits the broadcast characteristic of spam distribution to limit its propagation. The primary focus of the system is to identify and disable an email spam before its injection and processing is complete. Razor establishes a distributed and constantly updating catalogue of spam in propagation. This catalogue is used by clients to filter out known spam.

Download Website Updated 08 Sep 2001 Sendmail::AccessDB

Pop 10.86
Vit 1.42

Sendmail::AccessDB provides an API for users of Sendmail::Milter to easily determine if a recipient is a "willing recipient" of spam, or if a particular site has been explicitly whitelisted, so that mail from there is not blocked. It also allows generic lookups.

Download No website Updated 09 Nov 2001 spamrule

Pop 12.73
Vit 67.40

Spam Rule is a shell script that is designed to act as a filter for incoming mail on a qmail system. It runs between qmail-smtpd and qmail-queue, and can be used for any kind of filtering, although it was originally designed to block mail based on DNS blacklists (i.e. "RBLs"). Spam Rule is based upon the need to use different filtering rules based on who is receiving the message.

Download Website Updated 05 Dec 2001 mailagent - automatic mail processing tool

Pop 13.67
Vit 67.21

mailagent uses lex-like rules to match messages and run rich set of commands. Mail can be stored in mailboxes, forwarded, piped through external applications, posted to newsgroups, checked for duplicates, annotated, or deleted. Headers can be pruned and digests burst. Additional commands can be written in Perl.

Download Website Updated 19 Jan 2002 MUCKmangle

Pop 10.58
Vit 1.00

MUCKmangle takes the log from a Roleplaying session from a MUCK (Multi-User Chat Kingdom) and produces a HTML report for inclusion in a log archive, etc.

Download No website Updated 30 Jul 2003 tgen

Pop 30.89
Vit 2.32

tgen generates a Web site from a collection of input files of a variety of types, using a set of registered HTML autogenerators. This allows, for example, the generation a Web site consisting of plain text pages, EtText formatted files, man or POD documentation, and/or custom formats, with a consistent and attractive look-and-feel. It is a driver program; the actual conversion work is done by a set of plugin filters or "autoformatters" (named *2hts[.*]).


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A professional Web Content Management System.


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DEMUX Framework

A Java framework for building modular, cross-platform applications.