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No download Website Updated 16 Nov 2002 Turing Machine (C++ Implementation)

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Turing Machine (C++ Implementation) is a Turing machine simulation that is defined by a series of input files. These include a metafile containing data related to some Turing machine, a states file containing a list of initial, halting, and internal states, an alphabet file of empty, input, and internal symbols, a transition file of transition rules, and input word files, which detail the input given on a tape.

Download Website Updated 14 Aug 2003 AIBash

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AIBash is a project which aims to make Bash act more intelligently. It features typing error-correction and the ability to learn that certain file suffixes are associated with certain programs so that other programs are filtered out while pressing TAB. Other features are planned for the future.

Download Website Updated 12 Mar 2011 Lush

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Lush is a Lisp dialect with extensions for object-oriented and array-oriented programming. It is intended as a programming environment for prototyping numerically intensive applications. Unlike alternatives like Python or SciLab, Lush is designed for easy integration of existing C/C++/Fortran codes.

Download Website Updated 26 Mar 2006 dbacl

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dbacl is a digramic Bayesian text classifier. Given some text, it calculates the posterior probabilities that the input resembles one of any number of previously learned document collections. It can be used to sort incoming email into arbitrary categories such as spam, work, and play, or simply to distinguish an English text from a French text. It fully supports international character sets, and uses sophisticated statistical models based on the Maximum Entropy Principle.

Download Website Updated 16 Mar 2003 annie

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annie is a C++ API (library) for neural network training and execution. It can be linked to both Windows and Linux applications. Support for multi-layer perceptron networks, radial-basis networks, and Hopfield Networks is present. It can also be interfaced with Matlab's Neural Network toolbox.

Download Website Updated 14 Dec 2009 VDB Chinese Chess

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VDB Chinese Chess is a Chinese chess program which uses pictures instead of Chinese letters so people who aren't Chinese can play it. 99 levels are supported, and different computer levels can play against each other.

No download Website Updated 24 Jan 2010 Wiresoft ANA

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Wiresoft ANA (Automated Network Agent), an Artificial Intelligence-based systems management service, automatically performs over 90% of Linux systems management tasks. It is a self-managing, self-learning system support service that provides constant maintenance and protection for Firegate Servers. ANA services include Software Updating and Integration, Intrusion Detection, Data Back-up and Disaster Recovery, Monitoring, and Alerting.

No download Website Updated 26 Sep 2002 Simbrain

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Simbrain is a Java-based and visually-oriented neural network. Users build networks, embed (or "embody") them in simulated worlds, and gauge their activity. Network, world, and gauge can be modified as the simulation runs.

Download Website Updated 20 Dec 2002 Pattern Recognition API

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The Pattern Recognition Application Programmer's Interface aims to be a fully-featured, easy-to-use general C++ framework for various pattern recognition tasks, especially image analysis. It features support for many image formats, well-known image analysis methods, classification and feature analysis tools, XML serialization, etc.

Download Website Updated 12 Nov 2005 ifile

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ifile was one of the first implementations of a "Bayesian" mail filter. It has been adapted to a number of different clients: MH, EXMH, GNUS, PINE, and procmail-compatible clients.


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A domain name server.


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A process supervision suite and init replacement.