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Download Website Updated 08 Jan 2007 Modular Audio Recognition Framework

Pop 95.41
Vit 3.40

MARF is a general cross-platform framework with a collection of algorithms for audio (voice, speech, and sound) and natural language text analysis and recognition, along with sample applications (identification, NLP, etc.) of its use. MARF can run distributed over the network (CORBA, Java RMI, and Java XML-RPC Web Services) and may act as a library in applications or be used as a source for learning and extension.

Download Website Updated 24 Nov 2005 LuxAgentSDK

Pop 9.27
Vit 55.36

The LuxAgent SDK contains everything you need to write your own AI for the Risk-style strategy game Lux. It includes API documentation as well as the full source code to all the AIs that ship with Lux.

Download Website Updated 19 Dec 2007 GPalta

Pop 33.36
Vit 2.82

GPalta is a genetic programming toolbox that aims for simplicity and speed. It features tree-based genetic programming, optional strong typing, a multithreaded GUI to control an evolution process, the ability to save evolutions to a file, to be continued at another time and place, and easy interoperability with Matlab.

Download Website Updated 21 Apr 2006 YProlog

Pop 31.14
Vit 2.05

YProlog is a pocket Prolog engine written in 100% Java. It provides a number of fast and easy Java-Prolog interfacing functions that enables the Prolog database to be used like an SQL-type database. It has fast consult and retract operations, can "serialize" database contents into text, and can easily load and store tables or contents of Java objects. It is based on Jean Vaucher's XProlog.

Download Website Updated 15 Mar 2006 Sentensa

Pop 45.03
Vit 1.77

SENTENSA Knowledge Miner is a platform independent tool for searching any text. SENTENSA uses robust methods of indexing and searching text, leveraging experience from more than 20 years of information retrieval. SENTENSA products offer advanced text retrieval solutions for large databases that will make your searches for key information fast and effective. You can index on one platform and query on another.

No download Website Updated 14 Nov 2005 EvoJava

Pop 21.54
Vit 1.00

EvoJava is a program for interactively exploring intriguing concepts in computer science. From cellular automata and rule-based systems to fractals and genetic algorithms, EvoJava is an education tool for anyone interested in the "edges" of science. Or, if nothing else, it makes a lot of pretty pictures.

Download No website Updated 09 Nov 2005 BNet

Pop 22.72
Vit 1.00

BNet is an exact Bayesian inference library for C++. This library implements the junction tree algorithm for discrete variable Bayesian networks. Examples are provided to illustrate its capabilities.

No download Website Updated 08 Nov 2005 RL-Glue

Pop 12.96
Vit 1.00

The RL-Glue is intended to provide a foundation for building benchmarks for reinforcement learning (RL) agents. A secondary goal is to support RL competitions in which agents are compared in their performance on new problems that are only revealed at the time of a competition. The current version of the interface software supports direct function call communication between agents and environments written in C. The interface software also provides a standard mechanism for communication between agents and environments written in different programming languages.

Download Website Updated 01 Jun 2006 SIOX4Java

Pop 33.91
Vit 2.54

SIOX4Java (Simple Interactive Object Extraction) is a Java SDK that provides a generic segmentation engine for extracting the foreground from still images with little user interaction. The underlying method (which has also been integrated into GIMP) is noise and motion blur robust and can easily be adapted for the segmentation of objects in videos. The SDK also contains an experimental feature called the "Detail Refinement Brush", which enables the removal of spill colors and manual refinement of highly detailed textures.

Download Website Updated 01 Nov 2005 OO Learning Evaluation GO

Pop 17.66
Vit 2.00

OO Learning Evaluation GO is an object-oriented platform and algorithms for the game of GO. It aims to provide a capable engine that can learn through experience and a re-usable algorithmic framework for the rapid development of new GO-playing engines.


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