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Download Website Updated 19 Apr 2009 PHP Array to Object converter

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PHP Array to Object converter is a PHP class that can be used to turn any array into an object. It takes an array and assigns the variables of the class with the values of the array entries with the same name. Array entries with array values are also converted to objects recursively.

No download No website Updated 05 Jul 2010 The Nx Programming Language

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The Nx programming language is a strictly typed but type-inferred array programming language for numerical applications.

No download Website Updated 08 Feb 2011 DynArray

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DynArray is a C header full of X-Macros for easily creating and manipulating dynamically resizing arrays.

Download No website Updated 20 Apr 2011 MDArrayEngine

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MDArrayEngine is a JavaScript class that eases the creation and manipulation of two dimensional arrays. Although this class is not all-encompassing by any means, it should assist assist you with any JavaScript projects incorporating multi-dimensional array use.

Download No website Updated 13 Apr 2013 Grid Engine (C++)

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Grid Engine (C++) is a C++ templated data structure for storing grids of information. The grids may be connected in a D4 (Manhatten), D8, or hexagonal sense. The grids may also wrap toroidally so their edges are connected.

Download No website Updated 14 Apr 2013 Grid Drafter

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Grid Drafter is a lightweight utility for managing two-dimensional integer grids. It can handle either square or hexagonal grids. Pressing keys 0-9 sets the data to be stored in a cell when you click on it. Each number is displayed as a different color.

Download No website Updated 18 May 2013 List processor

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The List processor class lists data from arrays in HTML tables. The listing may be paginated to limit the number of array entries to display per page. The table header title and other column data formatting properties are configurable parameters. Some columns may be formatted as links or as numbers. A total value may be displayed at the bottom of a column. Control column changes can be used to generate control totals.


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A modest and easy-to-use editor with many useful features for HTML editing.


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Display of images using escape codes.