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Download Website Updated 14 Mar 2012 Avoision

Pop 34.32
Vit 2.97

Avoision is a very simple arcade-style game. There's no story, no fancy graphics, no campaigns--just frantic, high-speed gameplay. Gameplay consists of moving a green block around with the arrow keys. The goal is to capture the red block before the timer runs out to score points. You must avoid all the white blocks that appear as you progress through the game.

Download Website Updated 02 Dec 2011 RoboBrain SDK

Pop 25.42
Vit 29.47

RoboBrain SDK is a simple, lightweight 2D game engine for Android phones and tablets. It supports OpenGL ES 1.0 Rendering, a custom GameActivity class, a World/Entity system, basic physics and collision detection, animated and static sprites, and support for Multitouch and accelerometer input.

Download Website Updated 04 Feb 2010 pydance

Pop 130.08
Vit 10.73

pydance is a dancing game written in Python, formerly named pyDDR. The idea is simple. There's a floor mat with arrows, and the game scrolls arrows up the screen to the beat while playing a song. When the arrows reach the top of the screen (not sooner and not later), the player hits the corresponding arrow on the pad, and given that it's hit on time with the beat, points are scored. Based on how well the dance is put together, s/he is graded at the end of the song. Both keyboard and mat play are supported.

Download Website Updated 07 Jul 2008 Galactic Killdozer

Pop 10.95
Vit 1.41

Galactic Killdozer is a PC-port of a good-old ZX-Spectrum era game, a Boulderdash-like 2D scroller originally named "Astra Down to Earth".

Download Website Updated 11 Sep 2007 The Bub's Brothers

Pop 50.08
Vit 2.47

This is a multiplayer clone of the classical Bub & Bob, allowing up to 10 networked players (with at least 3 players recommended). It features a large range of crazy bonuses, capturing other players in bubbles, new and random levels, a maximal-confusion final level, winks to other classic games, and more.

Download Website Updated 22 Jul 2007 Pvolley

Pop 17.66
Vit 1.00

Pvolley is an arcade volleyball game, similar to Blobby Volley and GPL Arcade Volleyball.

Download Website Updated 28 Apr 2005 Zlog

Pop 30.74
Vit 2.04

Zlog is a 2D platform game using the Allegro game programming library. It takes ideas from old games such as "Capt'ain Comic" and "Jazz Jack Rabbit".

Download Website Updated 25 Jan 2005 Marauder-ah

Pop 17.26
Vit 1.00

Marauder-ah is a set of improvements over "marauder", originally written by Shawn Hargreaves in 1994. You control a spaceship with a basic weapon, and your purpose is to kill as many people as you can. Earning money (using piracy or trade) enables you to upgrade your ship and buy deadly weapons.

Download Website Updated 16 Dec 2004 KBall

Pop 28.14
Vit 1.44

KBall is a game of skill and reflexes suitable for all ages. The idea is to move a ball around the map without falling or running out of time, and getting the prizes, in order to reach the exit. The map has different traps, such as slides, pushers, jumps, falls, and walls, etc. Maps are viewed from top view, and the walls and player's ball are real-time rendered in beautiful 3D. There is a map editor available inside of the game, to make custom maps.

No download Website Updated 19 Apr 2004 Kraptor

Pop 30.82
Vit 1.00

Kraptor is a classic shoot 'em up scroller game where you must fight against tons of bad dudes. It offers high speed action with massive destruction, lots of fun, powerful weapons, and all that you always wanted in this kind of game. It features a powerful engine for 2D retro-like shooter scroller games and lots of cool features and levels.


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