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Download Website Updated 22 Sep 2002 Gtk+HS

Pop 32.26
Vit 1.90

Gtk+HS is a language binding of the GUI toolkit GTK+ for the functional programming language Haskell.

Download Website Updated 01 May 2007 RSA-Haskell

Pop 55.15
Vit 3.01

RSA-Haskell is a collection of command-line cryptography tools and a cryptography library written in Haskell. It is intended to be useful to anyone who wants to secure files or communications or who wants to incorporate cryptography in their Haskell application. The libraries include Haskell implementations of SHA1, EME-OAEP, EMSA-PSS, MGF, RSAES-OAEP, and RSA-PSS. These standards implement signature/verification, strong cryptography, and hashing.

Download Website Updated 26 Oct 2005 Fid Core Library

Pop 21.56
Vit 1.44

Fid Core Library is the core library for the Frigand Imperial Desktop, a genuine Unix desktop environment based around multiprocessing, text-stream IPC, and the "everything is a file" concept. It supports Emacs-like extensibility, customizability, and built-in multi-buffer support.

Download Website Updated 26 Oct 2005 fid-listbuffer

Pop 14.42
Vit 1.43

fid-listbuffer is a buffer implementation for the Frigand Imperial Desktop. Fid buffers are typically mutable monoids over particular unit types; the exact unit type and the equations satisfied by the monoid determine the particular buffer type. This package defines a parametric buffer type for the simple case of a free monoid over a unit type that is to be exposed to the programmer, where 'replaceableRegion' additionally is equivalent to (\ r d -> return True).

Download Website Updated 11 Apr 2008 HSH

Pop 26.38
Vit 2.88

HSH is designed to let you mix and match shell expressions with Haskell programs. With HSH, it is possible to easily run shell commands, capture their output or provide their input, and pipe them to or from other shell commands and arbitrary Haskell functions at will.


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A small, non-interactive, shell-like scripting language.


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A secure chat app.