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Download Website Updated 22 Jun 2009 C++ ResourcePool

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Vit 6.76

C++ ResourcePool is a library which can be used to pool resources of every kind. It can also be used as an abstraction layer by providing a unique API for different resources of similar resource types; the most prominent examples are SQL databases. It includes a convenient way to access MySQL and Oracle databases in the same way, so that changing from MySQL to Oracle or vice-versa does not need big code changes.

Download Website Updated 23 Aug 2007 JoSQL

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Vit 4.41

JoSQL provides SQL capabilities for querying, ordering, and grouping of collections of Java objects (POJOs). It allows a SQL statement to be applied to the collection of objects and the matching set returned, ordered, and grouped.

Download Website Updated 29 Dec 2004 Dynamic Web site tools for Standard ML

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Vit 1.00

This project collects tools for developing dynamic Web sites using the Standard ML programming language, including all the software you need to create PHP-style Web sites with type-safe, statically checked page generation. Also included are libraries for accessing SQL databases.

Download Website Updated 07 Oct 2012 Courier Authentication Library

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Vit 7.84

The Courier Authentication Library is an API toolkit for implementing password validation and account metadata lookups. Authentication can be configured using either the traditional system password file lookups, or using MySQL, PostgreSQL, LDAP, or DB/GDBM databases.

No download Website Updated 10 Jan 2005 Data Access Objects for PHP5

Pop 19.44
Vit 1.42

Data Access Objects for PHP5 is a set of classes used for connecting to databases in PHP 5. They provide developers with a unified OO API for accessing databases.

Download Website Updated 26 Sep 2006 guile-dbi

Pop 27.35
Vit 2.47

guile-dbi is a generic database interface for Guile that provides a way to use database drivers that are linked at run-time.

Download Website Updated 26 Sep 2006 guile-dbd-mysql

Pop 11.83
Vit 2.71

guile-dbd-mysql is a MySQL database driver for the Guile DBI system.

No download Website Updated 17 Jan 2005 Java Unifom Data Access

Pop 12.65
Vit 1.00

JUDA (Java Uniform Data Access) is a set of Java classes for managing data persistence. It has been created with simplicity in mind. It does not require configuration files. It may be integrated with others Java technologies such as Enterprise Java Beans.

No download Website Updated 24 Mar 2005 guile-dbd-postgresql

Pop 11.75
Vit 2.02

guile-dbd-postgresql is a PostgreSQL database driver for guile-dbi.

Download Website Updated 07 Nov 2005 QLime

Pop 23.30
Vit 1.48

QLime is an easy to use Python library that enables simple object-oriented access to data residing in various sources (most notably relational databases). It includes an Object Relational Mapper.


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A fully configurable, open, and easy extendable HMI/SCADA application.


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A command-line network analysis workbench.