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Download Website Updated 21 Aug 2011 Mod_dosblock

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Mod_Dosblock is an Apache module written to provide Dos/DDoS protection at the HTTP layer. It works on HTTP URLs or HTTP headers, and can throttle requests based on the incoming URI/header pattern. This module can be particularly useful in an architecture where the content serving Web servers sit behind reverse proxy Apache servers exposed to the Internet. The gateway servers can throttle/DoS protect HTTP queries, saving the actual serving Web servers.

No download No website Updated 14 May 2012 mod_entropy

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mod_entropy is an Apache module that creates random numbers from incoming requests. It uses the Linux RNDADDENTROPY ioctl. Because user interactions with a Web server are random through time, this information is used to fill the kernel's random pool.

No download No website Updated 17 Oct 2013 mod_statistics for Apache

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mod_statistics is software for exporting live Apache statistics data via SNMP. It is composed of an Apache module and a loadable extension for Net-SNMP. It implements the APACHE2-MIB and extends it to provide data about aliases.


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