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No download Website Updated 02 Mar 2005 Hawron

Pop 17.09
Vit 1.43

Hawron is a GUI tool for the Apache XML Web Development Framework Cocoon and pure Java. It mainly supports the "Offline Generation Part" of Cocoon, but an embedded Servlet Container (Jetty) for Cocoon's default environment is included. Hawron tries to help Cocoon users with some extra features like publishing offline generated files (ftp, sftp) and editing content (embedded OpenOffice).

No download Website Updated 29 Nov 2004 mod_highlight

Pop 26.27
Vit 1.00

mod_highlight provdes syntax highlighting as an Apache 2.0 filter module. It can process just about any programming language.

Download No website Updated 14 Dec 2004 Yahoo Group Mail Archiver

Pop 19.90
Vit 1.00

Yahoo Group Mail Archiver (YGMA) is a Java library and command line tools for extracting group messages from a Yahoo! group and processing them into Maildir format. It is designed for groups who wish to migrate their mail to a new location.

Download Website Updated 23 Aug 2007 JoSQL

Pop 82.98
Vit 4.43

JoSQL provides SQL capabilities for querying, ordering, and grouping of collections of Java objects (POJOs). It allows a SQL statement to be applied to the collection of objects and the matching set returned, ordered, and grouped.

Download Website Updated 04 Dec 2005 mod_auth_useragent2

Pop 14.93
Vit 1.49

mod_auth_useragent2 is an Apache module that can be used to limit access to documents by means of the User-Agent. As an authentication method, this is really unsafe because it is easy to change the User-Agent in most browsers, but it could be used to prevent stupid bots and spiders from accessing your Web sites.

Download Website Updated 17 Mar 2013 phpCAS

Pop 69.33
Vit 9.17

phpCAS is a client library for the ITS Central Authentication Service.

Download Website Updated 06 Dec 2011 MindRaider

Pop 190.67
Vit 6.86

MindRaider is a personal notebook and outliner. Where do you keep private remarks like ideas, plans, gift tips, and howtos? Loads of documents and remarks spread around the file system? Can you find a remark when you need it? No? Try MindRaider.

Download Website Updated 30 Oct 2005 track2rss

Pop 31.97
Vit 2.09

track2rss is a set of scripts for tracking UPS, Fedex, and USPS packages via RSS.

No download Website Updated 01 Aug 2005 uitags

Pop 48.37
Vit 3.26

uitags is a JSP custom tag library (taglib) that makes developing friendly user interfaces easy. It aims to help developers create interactive UIs that let end-users work efficiently. It includes well-known UI components, such as optionTransfer.

No download Website Updated 30 May 2005 ApacheDS

Pop 45.25
Vit 1.44

ApacheDS is an LDAP and X.500 experimentation platform. Its backend subsystem and frontend are separable and independently embeddable. It provides a server side JNDI LDAP provider that directly interacts with the backend storage. It is powered by SEDA (Staged Event-Driven Architecture), which can handle large amounts of concurrency.


Project Spotlight


A Perl/Tk application to manage a ToDo list.


Project Spotlight


Downloading and extraction of data from webpages.