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Download No website Updated 10 Dec 2012 Java Apple Computer Emulator

Pop 78.42
Vit 6.11

jace is a cycle-accurate emulation of an enhanced Apple //e. Its modular framework makes it easy for developers to swap out components (video/cpu/etc.) or add new emulated hardware.

No download No website Updated 20 Dec 2010 DirectMemory

Pop 20.10
Vit 34.83

DirectMemory is an off-heap cache implementation (a la BigMemory) to enable in-memory serialization of a large number of Java objects without affecting JVM garbage collection performance. Although serialization makes things slower, put/get operations are well in the sub-millisecond range, which is pretty acceptable in every usage scenario. DirectMemory implements cache eviction based on a simple LRU (Less Recently Used) algorithm and on item expiration.

Download Website Updated 10 Jan 2012 pgGallery

Pop 31.46
Vit 1.00

pgGallery is a Web-based photo gallery powered by PostgreSQL and Spring.

No download Website Updated 01 Nov 2012 PureCaptcha

Pop 29.05
Vit 23.05

PureCaptcha is a simple, powerful, and customizable library for generating CAPTCHA images.


Project Spotlight


A tool to conduct TCP performance analysis.


Project Spotlight


A modern task tracking application that follows open standards and supports tags, subtasks, and more.