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Download No website Updated 10 May 2012 Every Locale

Pop 17.32
Vit 26.66

Every Locale is an app which changes the locale (language/country/variant) of your Android device. This is useful if your preferred language is not included in your device or if you are an Android developer and need to test localization. It's the same idea as existing apps such as MoreLocale2, Custom Locale, Set Locale and Language, etc., but with those apps, it's not easy to change to a locale which is not on their list. Every Locale supports autocompletion of human-readable language and country names (not ISO codes), has no ads, and requires no unnecessary permissions.

Download Website Updated 30 Jul 2012 Pocket Chess For Android

Pop 42.28
Vit 25.09

Pocket Chess For Android is a chess game for Android devices.

No download No website Updated 17 Apr 2014 Android Yuriy's NodesUP

Pop 75.23
Vit 34.80

Android Yuriy's NodesUP is a tool for checking the online status of IP addresses or hosts, RDNS, and MX records. It also provides a field where you can test a service running on a port.

No download No website Updated 29 Aug 2012 Android Vitosha Poker Odds

Pop 16.12
Vit 1.00

Android Vitosha Poker Odds is a simple Texas Holdem Poker calculator for Android.


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A file de-duplication, organization, and bulk previewing tool.


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Collax V-Cube+

Virtualization and HA Management of virtual machines and embedded HA Storage.