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No download Website Updated 21 Nov 2005 Recording level monitor

Pop 24.49
Vit 1.00

Recording level monitor records analog audio from the sources you choose and plays it back simultaneously so that you can hear it, while monitoring the loudness (input) level of the recording. You'll be able to hear and see whether the volume is too high (introducing analog distortion and digital clipping) or too low (letting through background noise and hiss) on your audio gear.

No download Website Updated 02 Dec 2005 Smart DJ

Pop 30.15
Vit 2.45

Smart DJ lets you find tracks based on how similar they sound to each other. It can also automatically add new tracks to your playlist based on how similar they are to what you've been listening to.

Download Website Updated 22 Nov 2005 songanalysis

Pop 27.24
Vit 1.41

songanalysis analyzes a song in WAV, Ogg Vorbis, or MP3 format and produces an output consisting of the volume differential, the relative strength in each frequency band, and the tempo. This is useful if you want to build something that lets you find out whether you have duplicate files, if you need to find out the tempo of your songs, or if you need to find similar songs according to how they sound.

Download Website Updated 26 Oct 2005 SlimScrobbler

Pop 17.89
Vit 1.42

SlimScrobbler is an slimserver plugin that builds a profile of your musical tastes by sending the name of every song you play to the Audioscrobbler server, which updates your musical profile with the new song. Every person with a plugin has their own page on the site that shows their listening statistics, and the system automatically matches you to people with similar musical tastes, and generates personalized recommendations.

Download Website Updated 13 Nov 2006 prc

Pop 14.21
Vit 1.52

prc utilises a pioneer control out port and a sound card to make the keypresses on a pioneer remote control available to the computer. With additional scripts or programs, it is possible to control your computer without additional hardware, like infrared receivers. It features automatic noise level detection, and it is independent from the sound architecture used.

Download Website Updated 12 Aug 2005 glScope

Pop 25.50
Vit 56.36

glScope is an audio oscilloscope program that uses OpenGL, GLUT, and ALSA. The UI is sort of an experiment in more fluid, intuitive interfaces, and therefore is a departure from the traditional fixed-grid-knobs-and-switches interface on most real oscilloscopes.

Download Website Updated 08 Mar 2010 CLAM

Pop 69.43
Vit 4.62

CLAM is a multiplatform software framework for research and application development for the Audio and Music domains. It offers a conceptual model for building systems as well as tools for the analysis, synthesis, and transformation of audio signals using high level representation (notes, spectral peaks, etc.). It also provides multiplatform system abstraction and tools for audio and MIDI file handling, device handling, GUI and XML support, and more. It has proper Linux audio architecture integration (Ladspa, Alsa, OSC, Jack, VST, etc.) and rapid graphical prototyping both for the processing core and the user interface (Qt designer integration).

No download Website Updated 29 Jan 2009 soundsort

Pop 45.18
Vit 2.25

Soundsort sorts a list of songs in an order which depends on how the songs sound rather than by using the songs' metadata.

Download Website Updated 09 Dec 2006 Pause

Pop 53.07
Vit 2.45

Pause determines the location of silences in an audio file for use in fragmentation of large recordings, studies of pause duration, and the like. It generates both a nicely formatted table intended to be read by people and a simple tab-delimited file that is easily parsed by software.

Download Website Updated 09 Apr 2008 F Modular Synthesizer

Pop 53.57
Vit 2.72

FMS is a tool to create all kinds of sounds from scratch. You can play any sound (sine, triangular, vowels, etc.) with any property settings (frequency, volume, balance, sweep, etc.) and modulations thereof. It also features tools to save sounds, play .MUS music, graphically display sounds, and make real noise.


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A file manager and playlist with movie thumbnails.


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An XML user interface generator for Swing.