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Download Website Updated 27 May 2014 GRASS GIS

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Vit 465.74

GRASS (the Geographic Resources Analysis Support System) is a software raster- and vector-based GIS (Geographic Information System), image processing system, graphics production system, and spatial modeling system. It contains many modules for raster data manipulation, vector data manipulation, rendering images on the monitor or paper, multispectral image geocoding and processing, point data management and general data management. It also has tools for interfacing with digitizers, scanners, and the PostgreSQL, DBF, and ODBC connected databases. GRASS operates on all common operating systems.

No download Website Updated 10 Apr 2003 GRT Raytracer

Pop 22.58
Vit 1.00

GRT is a Common Lisp raytracing system. It is being developed on CMUCL, but should be easy to port to other Common Lisp implementations as well.

Download Website Updated 27 Apr 2004 GRender

Pop 28.98
Vit 2.10

GRender is a GTK+ frontend for the "Alias Maya" and "MentalRay for Maya" render. It handles render job queues without starting Maya's interface, using all the power of the workstation. It is planned to make it a render farm manager for the 2.0.0 release.

Download Website Updated 06 Dec 2003 GTKstereograph

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Vit 3.48

GTKstereograph is a GTK interface to stereograph, a stereogram generator. This package includes the current renderer but does not yet support all features (i.e. transparency).

Download Website Updated 29 Dec 2007 GTO

Pop 57.12
Vit 3.40

The GTO format's primary usage is storage of static geometric data. The types of data you might find in a GTO file are things like polygonal meshes, various types of subdivision surfaces, NURBS or UBS surfaces, coordinate systems, hierarchies of objects, material bindings, and even images. It is used by film, video, and game production companies to streamline the modeling, animation, rendering, and 3-D paint processes. The distribution includes source code for a RenderMan Procedural plug-in, four Maya plug-ins, a Houdini plug-in, a number of command line tools, a Wavefront .obj parser, and two Python modules for reading, writing, and editing GTO files.

No download Website Updated 21 Dec 2004 Garbure

Pop 37.88
Vit 58.69

Garbure is a collection of dedicated distributions. Each distribution provides carefully selected tools for a specific target domain, and is completed with examples and documentation. The set of distributions forms an entity, but each distribution works also on its own. All elements are arranged in the same way for each distribution.

Download Website Updated 27 Aug 2001 Graphical Grammar Library

Pop 23.75
Vit 68.24

Grlib is an implementation of generative grammars and turtle graphics. The grammars (Lindenmayer systems) are used to produce descriptions of three dimensional objects, and the turtle is used to display them (i.e., generate images in several forms, such as bitmap, PostScript, or OpenGL).

No download Website Updated 13 Sep 2004 Gtk+ OpenGL Toolkit

Pop 22.14
Vit 1.00

Gtk+ OpenGL Toolkit is an OpenGL library that allows developers to develop 3D applications for GTK+ easily. 2D and 3D scenes may be developed from a collection of prepared objects or from objects that you create yourself.

Download Website Updated 06 Mar 2009 GtkGLExt

Pop 119.67
Vit 7.11

GtkGLExt is an OpenGL extension to GTK+ 2.0 or later. It provides additional GDK objects, which support OpenGL rendering in GTK+, and GtkWidget API add-ons to make GTK+ widgets OpenGL-capable.

Download Website Updated 03 Dec 1999 GuileGL

Pop 12.08
Vit 72.73

GuileGL allows you to access OpenGL functions from Guile, the Scheme language interpreter.


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Tools to access to a server's filespace and printers via SMB.


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The Horde notes/memos application.