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Download Website Updated 25 May 2001 libbgrab & webcam

Pop 40.56
Vit 2.79

libbgrab is a video4linux grabbing library to facilitate use of framegrabber cards and webcams through a few function calls. To implement constant throughput and to avoid frame loss delays, triple buffering is used through local buffer copying in a separate grabbing thread. The many demo and utility programs included can display live video to X, convert live video to ASCII, smoothly zoom live-video (using Glide), do some image processing (using MMX), and provide a stand-alone webcam image server.

Download Website Updated 31 Aug 2003 Danovitsch Webcam

Pop 11.75
Vit 1.53

Danovitsch Webcam is a small webcam server for FreeBSD. It uses a brooktree capture card for video input and understands HTTP to spit images out into the world.

Download Website Updated 17 Oct 2004 webcam_server

Pop 71.78
Vit 2.24

webcam_server is a server that can be used to host a video4Linux supported Webcam. It features caption text, image rotation and flipping, HTTP support, and logging. It allows a client to connect with the included Java applet and watch a real time video feed. The applet allows for frames/sec control. In addition, the browser can be pointed directly at the webcam_server listen port to grab the current frame as a JPEG.

No download Website Updated 28 Dec 2005 sn-webcam

Pop 30.10
Vit 2.36

sn-webcam is a program that captures and displays frames from an sn9c102-based Sonix/Microdia Webcam, using Video for Linux 2 and the sn9c102 USB driver. It also allows the user to upload the captured images by FTP.

    No download Website Updated 25 Nov 2006 webcam snaps

    Pop 12.08
    Vit 1.00

    webcam snaps is a Webcam utility for taking snapshots.

    No download Website Updated 31 Oct 2007 J2ME Webcam

    Pop 40.47
    Vit 1.00

    J2ME Webcam enables the use of a camera-equipped J2ME device as a remote camera monitor: images are captured at a user-defined interval and uploaded to a Web server.

      Download Website Updated 26 Jul 2002 The Webcam Network

      Pop 19.21
      Vit 1.00

      The Webcam Network is a network of webcam/image publishers and subscribers. Users can publish to the network using the publisher tool and subscribe to the network using the viewer tool. The publisher tool will push images to the network at an arbitrary rate, and the viewer will display image updates from selected publishers in real-time with resizing, scaling, or in collage mode. The viewer can also render to the root window.

      Download Website Updated 15 Mar 2005 BB Webcam Viewer

      Pop 19.90
      Vit 1.76

      BB (Big Brother) is a small and simple webcam and security camera viewer that, given the URL of an image and a refresh rate, will display the latest image on the desktop. Images can be displayed in a normal window, always-on-top, or below everything else.

        No download Website Updated 29 May 2004 Sonix SN9C102 based webcam driver

        Pop 9.17
        Vit 60.08

        Sonix SN9C102 based webcam driver is a driver for Webcams such as the Trust Spacec@am 120 and many others.

        Download Website Updated 06 Dec 2001 Simple webcam picture archive display for PHP

        Pop 23.69
        Vit 67.20

        SWCPAD/PHP is a simple webcam image archive application written in PHP. It features some basic image file management.


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