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Download Website Updated 23 May 2004 plucker

Pop 220.62
Vit 4.15

Plucker is an offline Web and eBook viewer for Palm OS-based handheld devices and PDAs. It comes with Unix/Linux tools and conduits, and Windows and Mac OS X conduits that let you decide exactly what part of the Web you want to view on your PDA (as long as it's in standard HTML or text format). The requested Web pages are processed, compressed, and transferred to the PDA for viewing by the Plucker viewer.

No download Website Updated 03 Mar 2005 Font Collector

Pop 17.49
Vit 1.44

Font Collector collects fonts in many PalmOS font formats and converts them to a number of other formats. This allows use of pre-OS5 fonts on OS5 units and vice versa, and many other things. It requires PalmOS 3.5 or later. Supported inputs include fonts hidden within applications, Fonts4OS5, FontSubst, FontHackV, Fonthack, iSilo, PalmBible+, Plucker, Font Bucket, and system fonts. Supported outputs include Fonts4OS5, FonFontSubst, FontHackV (these three only under OS5), PalmBible+, Plucker, iSilo, Mobipocket, and Fonthack. The freeware version works for PalmBible+, Plucker, and iSilo output. The shareware version works for all other outputs.

Download Website Updated 16 Jun 2004 PalmFontConv

Pop 44.83
Vit 3.48

PalmFontConv is a collection of command-line utilities to manipulate Palm fonts in both v1 and v2 formats. Currently, there is a converter that converts between afnx, nfnt (low, high, or both densities), NFNT, and text editable formats, and another converter that converts Type 1/TrueType/BDF/PCF and other formats supported by FreeType2 into the text editable format, code for generating Plucker and PalmBible+ compatible anti-aliased fonts. There are also a bunch of GUI shells for generating font packages for Plucker, PalmBible+, Fonts4OS5, and FontSubst.

Download Website Updated 03 Jun 2001 sitescooper

Pop 43.58
Vit 3.74

Sitescooper automatically retrieves the stories from news websites, trims off extraneous HTML, and converts them into Plucker, iSilo, or Palm DOC format for later reading on-the-move. It will avoid stories you've already read, and can handle virtually any news site on the Web. Support for over 300 sites is included. Even if you don't have a handheld, it's still handy for simple website-to-text conversion.

Download Website Updated 25 Dec 2012 FBReader

Pop 819.61
Vit 24.87

FBReader is an e-book reader. It currently works on the Sharp Zaurus, Siemens Simpad with Opensimpad ROM, Nokia Internet Tablet (Maemo platform), Archos PMA430, Motorola E680i/A780/A1200 smartphones, PepperPad 3, Asus Eee PC, IRex iLiad, UMPC, and desktop computers running Linux, Windows XP/Vista, or FreeBSD. It supports several e-book formats: epub, plucker, palmdoc, zTXT, HTML, CHM, fb2, TCR (psion text), OEB, OpenReader, RTF, non-DRM'ed Mobipocket, and plain text.

No download Website Updated 24 May 2004 PalmBible+

Pop 18.25
Vit 1.00

PalmBible+ is a full-featured Bible viewer for PalmOS 3.5 and up, based on Poetry Poon's BibleReader. It includes searching (term and phrase), split screen, Hebrew and Greek support, CJK compatibility, Plucker-compatible anti-aliased fonts (under OS5 only), display rotation, external dictionary lookup, drag-scrolling, full VFS support, categorizable bookmarks with annotations, full keyboard/graffiti/hardkey configurability, and fast-tap/fast-typeable verse choosers. It includes support for all resizable screens (Sony Silk, Palm DIA, Handera Silk) as well as the Dana AlphaSmart's wide and tall modes.


Project Spotlight


GNU grep, egrep and fgrep.


Project Spotlight

Packet Peeper

A network protocol analyzer for Mac OS X.