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Download Website Updated 30 Dec 2000 fm2html

Pop 27.50
Vit 2.01

fm2html is a Perl script which takes freshmeat's daily newsletter on STDIN and outputs an HTML page.

Download Website Updated 19 Jun 2002 Fm

Pop 59.20
Vit 2.22

FM is a Gtk+ file manager which aims to offer the best possible ratio between features, simplicity, and resource usage. Currently all the efforts have gone to the development of the browser. Much thought has been put into the creation of an efficient and easy-to-use interface. Several existing file managers on a variety of platforms have been used as an inspiration and lots of new and original features have been added. File operations are not yet possible, but will soon be supported through a modular interface that will allow anyone to extend and customize Fm.

Download Website Updated 15 Aug 2001 Fl_Editor

Pop 37.19
Vit 1.51

Fl_Editor is a word-wrapping text editor widget for the FLTK toolkit. It supports CUA-style editing keys, automatic scrollbar display, load and save to file or buffer, and more. Fl_Editor includes subclasses with status and position display, find and replace, a couple of utility widgets, a status panel and a progress bar that can be used independent of any of the editors.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 FlyStats

Pop 15.20
Vit 1.74

FlyStats is a multi-threaded statistics server for IRC networks. It works with DreamForge, Twilight, Bahamut, Unreal, Undernet ircu 2.9.x/2.10.x, and Hybrid 5.x.

Download Website Updated 11 Jul 2011 flwm

Pop 32.91
Vit 4.24

Flwm is an X window manager designed to be user friendly and use the absolute minimum amount of screen real estate. It has no icons, using a pop-up menu to select hidden or new windows, and sideways titlebars. Flwm is also designed to achieve Gnome, KDE, and Motif compatibility simultaneously and has also been tested with many SGI programs that normally require 4DWM.

Download Website Updated 28 Aug 2005 Flux

Pop 15.87
Vit 4.07

Flux consists of utility APIs that apply compression and strong cryptography to I/O channels (file or network), do strong hashing, and exchange C structs in an architecture-independent fashion. It also provides n-ary trees whose contents can be serialized to human-readable files or network streams, along with some related utilities. It is written in C and integrates with the GLib main loop.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Fluid Streaming Server

Pop 6.16
Vit 1.03

Fluid Streaming Server is a program for streaming MP3 audio over the Internet or any other TCP/IP-based network. Some of the features of the server include transmission of an MP3 stream from a predefined playlist (m3u format), relaying a stream from another server creating a network of servers, listening to a port for an incoming stream and broadcasting it, and using telnet to connect to the server and get information about the connected clients and current song playing. Provided is an Applet that will display the name and other information of the song the server is currently broadcasting.

    Download Website Updated 10 Jul 2011 FLTK

    Pop 697.91
    Vit 17.13

    FLTK (pronounced "fulltick") is a cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit for UNIX/Linux (X11), Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X. It provides modern GUI functionality without the bloat, and supports 3D graphics via OpenGL and its built-in GLUT emulation. FLTK is designed to be small and modular enough to be statically linked, and also works fine as a shared library. It also includes an excellent UI builder called FLUID that can be used to create applications in minutes.

    Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 FLS

    Pop 21.42
    Vit 1.41

    The Free Library System (FLS) is a system for maintaining a database of items and borrowers of a library. The goal is to provide simple yet powerful and flexible ways to search for items, provide circulation functions, and communicate with other libraries running FLS. It is implemented in Java and uses JDBC to access a suitable database.

    No download Website Updated 04 Nov 2000 FLOYD system monitor

    Pop 15.62
    Vit 70.11

    Floyd blinks the PC keyboard LEDs with an interval that depends upon system load. The system load is defined to include both load average and network interface traffic.


    Project Spotlight


    A pure Java library for reading and writing MS Access databases.


    Project Spotlight

    Chaotic Rage

    A multiplatform 3D zombie shooter.