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Download Website Updated 16 Mar 2006 fBuilder Plus

Pop 69.57
Vit 5.32

fBuilder Plus is a Web-based utility for building and configuring your ipchains/iptables-based Linux firewall. It performs all actions in real-time and includes a Firewall Creation Wizard, edit, insert, and delete capabilities for firewall rules, rule shifting, support for DHCP clients, DMZ creation through firewall wizard, NAT capabilities, support for IP aliases, custom protocols, user defined chains, limit matches, automatic log rule creation, state checking, log reporting, email alerts, export capabilities, and an enhanced firewall log parsing utility.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 fBuilder Lite

Pop 25.04
Vit 1.42

fBuilder Lite is a Web-based utility for building and configuring your Linux firewall. It ships with a pre-configured version of the boa web server, so there is no need to deal with Apache configuration files.

Download Website Updated 28 Nov 2003 fbi

Pop 75.80
Vit 2.65

fbi is an image viewer which displays images on Linux framebuffer devices. It can read PhotoCDs, jpeg, and ppm directly. For other formats it tries to use some external converter like convert from the ImageMagick package.

Download Website Updated 29 Dec 2001 fbgetty

Pop 100.16
Vit 3.67

fbgetty is a console getty like mingetty, which supports framebuffers. It also uses an extend issue field and refreshes the displayed issue, when a VT (Virtual Terminal) is activated.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 fb

Pop 21.49
Vit 1.43

fb is a binary file viewer, editor, and manipulator. It can be used as a filter, an interactive browser, or to simply dump a file in either binary, decimal, hexadecimal, or octal and/or characters. Either overwrite bytes in either of the four bases or characters or dump to a file and edit the resulting text file with any text editor, then fb can translate from either of the four bases back into a binary file. In summary, fb is a versatile tool for binary file creation, manipulation, and examination.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 FaxRouter

Pop 23.92
Vit 2.26

FaxRouter is a script that wraps around efax to take a received fax, convert it to a jpeg, scale it, and send it to you by email. It will also keep your fax spool clean for you and can easily be configured to run from inittab and receive all faxes for you.

Download Website Updated 21 May 2001 Fax2Send

Pop 31.22
Vit 2.58

Fax2Send is a fax server software with an X11 interface, shell API, email to fax/fax to email, print to fax, Unix clients, and Windows clients.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 FavNuts

Pop 23.13
Vit 1.00

FavNuts converts IE favorite files to a Netscape bookmark file and sorts the entries into alphabetical order with a directory hierarchy.

Download Website Updated 20 Mar 2009 FastTemplate.php3

Pop 63.10
Vit 5.99

FastTemplate is a PHP3 class for managing template files and performing variable interpolation. It is a strict port of Jason Moore's Perl module CGI::FastTemplate. Its primary use is to separate HTML and PHP code, making your PHP code cleaner.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 fastjar

Pop 61.36
Vit 3.36

FastJar is an attempt to create a much faster replacement for Sun's 'jar' utility. Instead of being written in Java, FastJar is written in C and is around 50-100 times faster than its Java counterpart on Linux 2.X systems.


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A libpcap, IPFIX, NetFlow, and sFlow IPv4/IPv6 accounting package.


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Android Yuriy's NodesUP

A ping tool.