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  •  05 Jul 2012 01:36

Release Notes: This release adds a UI for sound subsystems setup, RPM builds, and searching shared libraries by alternative names. It adds fixes for Linux builds, ALSA support, DataSqueezer (DSQ) depacking, and TurboSound (TS) modules' attributes acquiring. It speeds up scanning and AY/YM rendering.

  •  07 Feb 2012 15:34

Release Notes: PT3 support was reworked and PT2 detection was improved. Empty modules are now ignored. Metainfo insertion into AS0/ASC/STP was fixed. Memory usage while scanning was fixed. A problem where the volume level was lost while changing the currently played module was fixed. Asynchronous file saving was implemented in zxtune123. .ayl playlist detection was improved in zxtune-qt.

  •  21 Nov 2011 16:05

Release Notes: This release improves detection of the STC, ST1, DST, and SNA128 formats, fixes some crashes while the playlist is loading, and updates icons in zxtune-qt.

  •  08 Nov 2011 22:21

Release Notes: This release adds SNA128 (128k snapshot) format support. It has fixes in DST format detection. It has initial module export functionality in zxtune-qt.

  •  02 Nov 2011 23:02

Release Notes: This release adds support for DMM (DigitalMusicMaker) modules. It adds support for streamed ZIP archives. There are multiple fixes in PT3 and ZXZIP processing.

  •  24 Oct 2011 22:50

Release Notes: This release adds support for DST (DigitalStudio) modules. It adds support for SQD (SQ Digital Tracker) modules. It fixes the ST note table for ProTracker3.x. It fixes 64-bit Windows builds. There is statistic collection support and playlist working speedup for zxtune-qt.

  •  18 Oct 2011 11:24

Release Notes: STR (SampleTracker) support was added. A cosine interpolation is now used for DAC instead of linear. Conversion to FYM was fixed. More detailed ZIP container processing was implemented. Checksum calculating for PSG&AY formats was fixed and improved. Some redundant code was removed.

  •  27 Sep 2011 08:08

Release Notes: Support for GamePacker (2 versions), Turbo-LZ (2 versions), CharPres, Pack, and LZH Packer compressors was added. A crash during data processing was fixed. Application version and items count are now stored in the playlist.

  •  20 Sep 2011 08:36

Release Notes: RAR archive decoding is now 30% faster. Solid RAR archive support was added. A crash in zxtune-qt while cancelling scans was fixed. Localized paths support was fixed in zxtune-qt.

  •  23 Aug 2011 09:32

Release Notes: ZIP file support and multiple crash fixes.


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A framework for secure peer-to-peer networking.


Project Spotlight


A JSON+C minifier.