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Release Notes: New functionality for Executors (optional waiting and task grouping), improvements to the Thread interface (optional waiting, no need to distinguish between daemon and non-daemon threads). ThreadLocal improvements and CountedPtr improvements. In general, things have undergone an overhaul resulting in a much more usable interface.

Release Notes: The Win32 implementation was improved. Two typos were fixed.

Release Notes: Enhanced ThreadLocals, enhanced guard, priority classes, a new Executor framework, better daemon thread support, new Barrier, restructuring the source, and more documentation.

Release Notes: Miscellaneous updates were made, and a newer implementation was added.

Release Notes: This release is the first stable 2.0.x release, and finalizes monitor based implementation, and merges much of the POSIX & Win32 implementations.

Release Notes: Tthe autoconf build has been updated quite a bit The include structure has been updated due to popular demand. A bug where some synch objects blocked with a timeout were not properly notified has been fixed.

Release Notes: ThreadLocal variables have been enhanced. All of the subtle changes over the last few versions have been solidified.

Release Notes: Slight interface changes in important classes, revised Executor classes, updates to handle daemon threads and static objects more thouroughly, and subtle bugfixes.


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