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30 Nov 2005 04:03 blue_wind_25

Re: dependencies
NASM is not a library, it is an assembler and should be already installed in most distros (Linux distributions), if not, their extra package will have it.

ZLIB and SDL are also installed in almost any distro too, however if you want to compile ZNES from the source, you'll need to install the appropriate -devel package for your distro.

Since they are so common, usually they are not listed in the depedency list. Since if you do want to list all depedencies of an application, well, then all must also be listed: X, bash, libc, etc ;)

28 Aug 2005 06:25 StealthTomato

Re: dependencies
I agree. I've been using ZSNES Windows for years, and now I've got a linux box. I've found I needed to install:

ZLIB, and

to get it working. *hint* *hint*

18 Oct 2002 11:07 sassy

your page says there is no dependencies yet i've found i've needed to download 3 other programs/libaries to use it. Could you update your download listing for future users?

i dunno if this was the right place to post that sorry for the inconvenience


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