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  •  18 Dec 2007 10:34

Release Notes: This is a stable release containing bugfixes ported from the 4.3 development branch together with some completion function enhancements. Users of 4.2.6 should upgrade; those using the new multi-byte character enhancements should wait for the forthcoming 4.3.5.

  •  05 Dec 2005 06:46

Release Notes: This release mostly contains minor bugfixes to configuration and internals. A few enhancements were made to completion functions. If multibyte character sets such as UTF-8 are important to you, you may wish to wait for the forthcoming 4.3.1 development release.

  •  06 Apr 2005 06:49

Release Notes: This is a bug fix release for the stable 4.2 series. It fixes a few configuration problems, notably on Mac OS X, as well as a number of other minor issues. There are also some upgrades to completion functions. Upgrading from 4.2.4 should not cause any incompatibilities.

  •  19 Dec 2003 09:32

Release Notes: The changes since 4.0.7 are mostly bugfixes, with a few additions to the completion function suite. (The differences between 4.0.8 and 4.0.9 are purely for compilation; if you have installed 4.0.8, there is no need to upgrade.) It is expected that this will be the last 4.0 release. The next stable release will be 4.2.0. Users interested in upgrading may want to watch for the forthcoming 4.1.2, which will form the basis of the 4.2 series.

  •  19 Jun 2003 07:08

No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  14 Aug 2002 12:36

Release Notes: A few enhancements were made in the completion function system and the functions for the editor. Otherwise, this release consists of bugfixes since the release of 4.0.4 last October.

  •  26 Oct 2001 06:38

Release Notes: A large number of small bugfixes have been made covering the whole shell. Small enhancements have been made to the programmable completion function system. Compatbility with AIX, Mac OS X/Darwin, and QNX Neutrino has been improved.

  •  02 Jul 2001 16:55

Release Notes: This contains mostly minor bugfixes over the 4.0.1 release, as detailed in the ChangeLog file, including one problem that caused the test suite to fail. The one new feature, the option KSH_TYPESET, provides compatibility with other shells for handling arguments of the commands `typeset', `export', etc.


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