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Version 0.052 of znc

Release Notes: New kickrejoin and saslauth mods were added and the perform and stickychan mods were edited. antiidle was removed. A del command was added to autoattach. awaynick settings are now saved. disconnect and connect commands were added along with CTCP ignoring. NAMESX/UHNAMES were fixed. Various --configure fixes were made. There were also other fixes and new features.

Other releases

  •  06 Nov 2010 19:10

    Release Notes: The route_replies module now handles "354" who replies. A bogus "invalid password" error during login with some clients was fixed. Long input lines on incoming connections are rejected. The lastseen module should only link to webadmin if the latter is loaded. Cases where HTTP requests were incorrectly dropped were fixed. Partyline was fixed to work with servers that don't send a 005 CHANTYPES. An error message from configure if dlopen() isn't found was fixed.

    •  18 Feb 2010 23:01

      Release Notes: This release contains several minor bugfixes, a few feature enhancements, and a couple of new modules including block_motd and flooddetach. It adds a new ServerThrottle setting that sets a timeout between connections to the same server. It will only ask for the more common modules in --makeconf. The webadmin module now uses UTF-8 as its default charset, and the default skin has been updated to be easier on the eyes.

      •  23 May 2009 22:37

        Release Notes: Some new features were added to the *admin module. Some bugs were fixed in the *webadmin, *stickychan, and *partyline modules. Some behavior in the *fail2ban module was changed. When (un)loading modules, the -global flag was removed and znc will now automatically detect whether the module is global or not. There are some new module hooks for pre/post module (un)loading. This will make way for a rich permissions module in the future. Some minor bugs in the core were fixed, mostly involving extreme edge cases. Better support for Solaris was added.

        •  01 Mar 2009 08:51

        Release Notes: A security hole was fixed in webadmin. Webadmin will handle all HTTP requests on znc's IRC port(s). The admin module was added. Savebuff and away no longer ask for a password on startup. The fail2ban module was added. savebuff now also works with KeepBuffer turned off. Webadmin did not properly escape module descriptions, which could allow XSS attacks. Some "use of uninitialized variable" warnings were fixed. The return value of strftime() is checked. Lots of other features and fixes were added.

        •  13 Sep 2008 18:03

        Release Notes: This is mainly a bugfix release. /msg *status restart was added and the MaxJoins and JoinTries options were added to webadmin. keepnick and autocycle were moved into modules and several other small fixes have been made. It is also now possible to use salted hashes for increased security.


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