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Version 5.0.2 of ZK

Release Notes: This is a maintenance release introducing 12 new requested features and 71 bug fixes. New features include automatic determination of page size depending on the component's height, enhanced jQuery selectors, the ability to track AJAX requests with Google Analytics, a simple implementation of the FileuploadDialog, and the ability to defer rendering of client widgets.

Other releases

  •  26 Nov 2013 22:28

    Release Notes: This is a major release bringing more themes with less code. It has a new theming experience with CSS 3, LESS, and Bootstrap to achieve the best flexibility and simplicity to date.

    •  19 Aug 2013 10:45

      Release Notes: This is a major release focusing on improving the theme system, bringing with it the most powerful theme engine to date combining the power of CSS 3, LESS, and Bootstrap to create the best possible experience.

      Release Notes: This release consists of 18 new features and 80+ bugfixes, including improved MVVM, Portlet 2.0 support, an easier way to load custom themes, and more.

      Release Notes: This release fixed bugs and introduced a few new features including a default command for MVVM, page visibility with the HTML 5 API, and more.

      Release Notes: This release helps developers achieve real device transparency in one codebase and component set, exploring the area of combined desktop and tablet UI and touch experiences in the simplest and most efficient way. It introduces responsive design and responsive components to always fit your device screen resolution and tablet-specific user interaction methods, such as swiping and device orientation detection, which are done automatically to save developers time and effort, and to increase productivity.


      Project Spotlight


      An advanced Wiki engine.


      Project Spotlight


      A fully-featured launchd front-end for managing and debugging system and user services.