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23 Mar 2010 18:01 cp5184

is it possible, or would it be possible to use bz2 compression? I assume thiz uses gz.

18 Aug 2008 20:44 craigmjackson

Hard size limit
I am trying to master a LiveCD using zisofs. I have been very successful so far in creating many DVDs and have it scripted well. Is there a hard size limit of zisofs and/or the portion of the kernel that supports it? If there is not I believe I have a bug against one of them since the only thing I changed was the size (uncompressed) from 3.5GB to 5GB.


Thank you Peter and crew. Very useful tool!

04 Jun 2006 08:21 bugmenot

Re: read from stdin
Tried to pipe from mkzftree to mkisofs without success.
Could not find a hint in the manpage and the web how to
to that if it is possible at all...

13 Jun 2004 14:46 hpa

Re: read from stdin
% mkisofs "/tmp/isofiles" |
> mkzftree -F -
> result.iso

Doesn't really work... mkzftree is run before mkisofs, not after...

08 Dec 2003 03:26 slacklive

read from stdin
It could be great if mkzftree could read a file
(with -F) from stdin. Then I could use pipe like

mkisofs "/tmp/isofiles" | mkzftree -F -

It tries to open "-" as a real file instead of
replacing it by stdin.


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