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Zircon is a feature rich IRC client written in the tcl/tk programming language. It provides an easy to use GUI for IRC and is highly configurable. Zircon will run on any system that has a tcl/tk interpeter (i.e. MacOS and Windows as well as UNIX)


Recent releases

  •  14 Jun 2001 18:12

    Release Notes: The splash GIF, netspaces, and the server list have been updated. Calls on setScroll have been removed. If scrollback is initialized with a negative number, it is now negated rather than being set to 0. The -nowallops option was added. Additional bug fixes were also made.

    •  01 Apr 2001 06:08

      Release Notes: This release includes support for TCL 8.4, and fixes for many potential slips that new Frank heuristics detected.

      •  05 May 2000 23:33

        Release Notes: Various bugfixes and small enhancements.

        •  29 Jan 2000 08:35

          Release Notes: Added a temporary workaround for the mysterious double-click bug and a few other small fixes.

          •  26 Nov 1999 22:07

            Release Notes: A fix for a typo in the debugging module and the removal of some debugging statements that were left in.


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