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28 Jul 2004 23:53 mrunkown

Re: Doesn't meet my expectations.
The last post is quite confusing to me. Since all of my m3u play lists are created in Zinf. M3u is its default method of saving playlists in Zinf it also has support for pls, gqmpeg playlist formats.

Zinf (free amp it was called at the time) actually allowed me to organise my mp3 collection.

It maybe a "media desktop" but whats an alternative? Winamp ...... Which is now exaclty the same if not worse ?

Pros; Great for listening to webstreams one of the best actually,
low memory and cpu usage,
no bloatware,
great mp3 player,

Cons;Stops playing when using some heavy ms-dos programs actually most mp3 players do this it doesnít crash the program just jitters this occurs only on winnt based systems. Can be fixed easy, When searching for large amounts of mp3s using the media search wizard zinf sometimes crashes its probably best to add a new play list and add files or the directory manually and finally playing CDís is quite an annoying process, no winamp plugin support so what.

03 Jan 2004 03:14 laupi

Doesn't meet my expectations.
Yet another mp3 player that focuses on being a "media center for the desktop" which I don't need instead of a hassle-free mp3 player which can be intuitively used to play large mp3 collections. Doesn't even support m3u playlists.
Kind of reminds me of Windows media player.


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