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18 Apr 2011 17:22 veritasnoctis

I love this program and the fact that it is cross-platform. I use it on both Windows 7 and Linux (Ubuntu), syncing files across computers with Dropbox. But I would really love to see an Android version of Zim Wiki, particularly with the new Android tablets coming out now. Is this possible or in the cards?

31 Jan 2011 12:59 fugo

how can I change the plugin screenshot from scrot to shutter?
Sorry for double posting, but site „eat“ some text ^J^

31 Jan 2011 12:56 fugo

how can I change the plugin screenshot <scrot> to <shutter>?

22 Jul 2010 23:12 veritasnoctis

The Windows installer is two versions behind now. :( When will it be updated?

18 Feb 2010 08:43 plmday

Fantastic. Thanks for your great job. By the way, I recently noticed that there's an effort to standardize the wiki syntax ( And I saw some syntactic differences between zim and creole. Do you have any plan to follow the standard?

19 Jan 2010 04:25 xdaedalus

This program is top-notch. I'm in medical school and I have A LOT of files and information to organize. I use Zim wiki for organizing and for taking notes in class. the LaTeX equation editor is really slick too. So if you're reading this you should get it and use it!

25 May 2009 00:09 nano_sprite

Zim is so simple and powerful. I like that I can stick with plain text files but create nicely formatted documents and organise them logically. The new Windows installer works great too. Hope I can help with the project in the future.

28 Apr 2009 09:12 illner

Really good software!! Easy to use, but very powerful. I use Zim instead of Freemind now to keep my knowlegde databease.

One question: Is there a way to use characters like "§", "/" and "," in namespaces?


27 Dec 2008 13:54 jeeradate

Thank you for your wonderful software
I love your software very much. The design is perfected.

I installed it from Ubuntu 8.10, I wonder it will automatic updated as other software or not.

Best regards,

Jeeradate K.

28 Sep 2008 23:44 jrs7n

Zim on Mac OSX
Is it possible to install Zim on Mac OSX? If so, how? Thanks!


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