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Zengaia Space is a multiplayer game which can be played over a central Internet server. In the game, you have to build ships, settle new planets, build new shipyards, fight your enemy, and conquer new planets and solar systems.


Recent releases

  •  24 Jan 2006 19:26

    Release Notes: A large bug has been fixed that caused the MySQL connection to crash after about a day running the server. Now the server should be up 24/7 again.

    •  21 Sep 2005 14:31

      No changes have been submitted for this release.

      •  20 Sep 2005 18:04

        Release Notes: This version adds a new building (LaserDefense) for better defense of your planets. It adds support for special characters in the chat, and a version check to make sure only compatible clients and servers can connect. You can register an account from within the client. The server uses a new database connector to be able to connect to several types of databases. Some bugs and an SQL vulnerability problem have been fixed.

        •  07 Sep 2005 17:51

          Release Notes: This release fixes some bugs and improves the GUI. Handling of building new ships and shipyards has changed. Playing is much more fun now.

          •  03 Sep 2005 20:47

            Release Notes: This version changes the Balance of the different units. A small bug has been fixed.


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