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GNU Zebra manages IPv4 and IPv6 routing protocols. It supports BGP-4 protocol as described in RFC1771 (A Border Gateway Protocol 4) and BGP-4+, RIPv1, RIPv2, RIPng, OSPFv2 and OSPFv3. GNU Zebra has a good client interface, so the user can change configuration dynamically.


Recent releases

  •  11 Apr 2005 07:52

    Release Notes: A significant number of bugfixes were made in all daemons. BGP TCP MD5 support was added on Linux and OpenBSD. Net-SNMP is now supported in addition to UCD-SNMP. More-line support was added (using the Enter key in More mode) along with OSPFv3 Area support (not yet for virtual-link).

    •  27 Nov 2003 04:55

      Release Notes: zebra does not listen to other processes' netlink messages anymore. A "bgp log-neighbor-changes" feature was added to bgpd. A "set ip next-hop peer-address" was added. The community delete bug was fixed. Point-to-Multipoint support was added to ospfd. The OSPF MD5 authentication bug, the OSPF NSSA bug, and the NSM event schedule bug were fixed. The Opaque LSA patch was updated. The ospf6d DR election bug was fixed. The link-local address is updated on interface creation. vtysh was updated for IPv6 handling. A vty bug in the library that caused a daemon crash was fixed.

      •  07 Jul 2002 11:48

        Release Notes: A fatal error in ospfd has been fixed. A new BGP configuration was added.

        •  17 Aug 2001 05:37

          Release Notes: IPv4 multicast and IPv6 unicast configuration is changed to so called new config. All of AFI and SAFI specific configuration is moved to "address-family" node. When you have many IPv6 only configuration, you will see many "no neighbor X:X::X:X activate" line in your configuration to disable IPv4 unicast NLRI exchange. In that case, please use "no bgp default ipv4-unicast" command to suppress the output. Until zebra-0.93, the old config is still left for compatibility. Internal interface treatment is changed. Now ospfd can handle multiple IP address for an interface.

          •  12 Feb 2001 07:27

            Release Notes: This release includes IPv6 codes based upon the new RIB code, the ability to handle the same connected route to one interface, and ripd can now perform redistributed route's poisoned reverse.

            Recent comments

            26 Apr 2000 14:48 shaman

            OSPF doesn't work in my environment
            I have Ascend Max units, talking to Cisco routers, and also 3Com routers (legacy).

            OSPF logs are full of:

            2000/04/26 14:47:02 OSPF: interface elxl0: ospf_read packet buffer overflow. ip_len 11264 if MTU 1500 from

            14 Sep 1999 12:36 esoteric

            Zebra Configuration
            The configuration is very similar to that of a Cisco router. Reading online Cisco documentation should be able to get you up and running with Zebra.

            27 Aug 1999 12:06 fatwater

            Any Simple HOWTO on initial configuration?
            Does anyone know of a HOWTO or something to get me started with Zebra. I just don't know where to start.


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