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Zebedee is a simple program to establish an encrypted, compressed tunnel for TCP/IP or UDP data transfer between two systems. This allows traffic such as telnet, FTP, and X to be protected from snooping as well as potentially gaining performance over low-bandwidth networks from compression.

Operating Systems

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Release Notes: This release featured bugfixes and a couple of new features. 64-bit Linux platforms are now supported.

  •  08 Sep 2005 00:12

Release Notes: This release provides a fix for a denial of service attack that could crash the program. It also upgraded the versions of the compression libraries used (zlib and bzip2) to take advantage of fixes and improvements in them.

Release Notes: This release included message integrity checking, finer-grained access control, support for for HTTP proxy authentication, much improved server-initiated connection handling, and a good number of bugfixes.

  •  13 Jun 2002 12:50

Release Notes: A fix for incorrect selection of client TCP/UDP mode under some circumstances (notably when automatically invoking a command via the "-e" option or "command" keyword).

  •  15 May 2002 11:26

Release Notes: New features include allowing whole subnet ranges as targets, binding to specific IP addresses, handling both TCP and UDP with a single client/server pair, validating connections based on IP address, tunneling through HTTP proxies, specifying idle connection timeouts, and support for using pre-established shared secret keys.

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10 Dec 2003 03:28 tjh

A great tool
A very handy tool, many many uses! I have only just started playing with it and already I've got a buch of compressed tunnels running around the place doing various helpful things.

If you need a tunnel program, this is it!



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