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  •  14 Jan 2010 14:31

Release Notes: This fixes the issue in the webaccess calendar.

  •  14 Jan 2010 14:31

Release Notes: The webaccess calendar issue was fixed.

  •  12 Jan 2010 15:53

Release Notes: This is a bug fix release. A fix was made to prevent attachments on new (and not yet sent) email messages from disappearing. This issue only affects those who upgraded from before 6.30.6 to 6.30.6 or later, and have edited their WebAccess' config.php. This fix prevents the attachments from being lost if non-default settings are found.

  •  06 Jan 2010 15:53

Release Notes: New features were added in the Webaccess to improve user efficiency and working comfort. The calendar was improved and has some fixes. Improvement was done for the supported browsers for Windows and Linux. The ADS installer was also improved. Some fixes were made for the offline profiles. Further fixes were made for RTF and Outlook 2007. Sending inline images with OL07 in RTF now works.

Release Notes: The main changes are enhancements in Caldav and optimizing the Web access and improved attachment security. Many meeting request related issues are fixed. On the server side, there a is a fix for the ADS installer. An issue with the group everyone is solved, and there are some performance fixes.

  •  18 Nov 2009 12:17

Release Notes: The main changes were made in the way that WebAccess can handle changes to recurring appointments; Zarafa now correctly supports exceptions, deletions, and attendee modifications from Web access. Several fixes with Web access performance have been included. Some issues regarding ICS (iCalendar) generation have been resolved, affecting CalDAV, spooler, and gateway.

Release Notes: A change was made in the way plaintext emails are handled. A fix from 6.30 was backported to increase LDAP query speed on large (>1000 users) installs using eDirectory or RedHat DS. Users having BES server with zarafa 6.20 are recommended to upgrade both the redirector and client packages to 6.20.11 due to performance fixes. Fixes were made to attempt to read corrupted databases as well. Users of SSL are recommended to upgrade (client and server) to 6.20.11 due to patch for handling of SSL data, which affected about one in 20000 communication packets.

  •  28 Oct 2009 11:21

Release Notes: This version was released to correct two problems with 6.30.3. One of the problems may cause Outlook XP specifically to hang while doing certain operations. The other problem was with the display of certain recurring items in the Web access. An icon was updated for the reminder window.

Release Notes: Backward-compatibility fixes were added for better Outlook XP and Windows 2000 support. New server-side options were added for setting the spooler to automatically file "send-as" or "delegate" messages into the owner's "sent items" folder and for disabling viewing of the global addressbook. This enables system administrators to set up single-user accounts more easily. A Blackberry problem has been addressed in which the attendee list of meeting request grew larger on each change to a meeting request. Various fixes have been done in the zarafa-ical server for client compatibility and recurring items.

Release Notes: A problem in some ADS configurations in which an update is detected too often from the AD server, resulting in increased load for both Zarafa and the ADS server was fixed. Some fixes have been introduced for 32-bit systems for users using dates in the far future, which were wrapping back to 1970. A fix for hiding new 'special' folders that are normally hidden in Outlook 2007 SP2 was added.


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