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Yellow dog Updater, Modified

Yum (Yellow dog Updater, Modified) is an automatic updater and package installer/remover for RPM systems. It automatically computes dependencies and figures out what things should occur to install packages. It makes it easier to maintain groups of machines without having to manually update each one using rpm.


RSS Recent releases

  •  12 Jan 2010 14:15

Release Notes: The user interface was changed. Resource improvement was changed. The API was changed.

  •  09 Sep 2004 10:15

No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  10 May 2004 15:31

Release Notes: This release adds "yum [action] package.somearch" support for erase, remove, install, update, and upgrade. Ukrainian and Czech translations have been added. Some logging cleanups have been done. Miscellaneous bugs have been fixed.

Release Notes: This release supports using comps and the rpmdb-$distro for faster access to already-on-disk headers rather than having to download all of them. A Spanish translation has been added. Repositories now have an enablegroups option. --exclude and --download-only have been added to the CLI. A lockfile bug with non EN locales has been fixed. A bootloader option to disable updating the bootloader after a kernel upgrade/install has been added. There are some minor documentation updates.

  •  02 Feb 2004 08:58

Release Notes: This release adds lots of minor bugfixes and code cleanup which helps solve dependency resolutions issues on x86_64 machines using ix86 repositories. It fixes a race condition in locking and makes packages providing "kernel-modules" install-only. It adds Python 2.3 support and implements yum-arch --exclude.


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