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Release Notes: The "http://" prefix in the video URL is now optional. The -t and --title options have been introduced, and allow using the video title in the video file name.

  •  12 Nov 2006 05:02

Release Notes: YouTube lets you use hostnames like This release updates the program to include them as part of a valid URL.

  •  30 Oct 2006 14:23

Release Notes: Among other minor changes, this release fixes downloading videos restricted with age confirmation.

Release Notes: This release adds proxy support.

Release Notes: Improved error handling.

Release Notes: The program now admits a wider range of URL formats.

Release Notes: The program now checks that you have the minimum required Python version when launched. It features some minor code cleanups.

Release Notes: The program now accepts an additional URL format.

Release Notes: The program source code has been cleaned and simplified. Two new modes have been added: simulate mode and quiet mode.

Release Notes: The program supports a wider range of video URL formats.


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