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  •  23 Jul 2010 22:22

    Release Notes: This version fixes the program to make it work again with YouTube after the recent site changes. In addition, the way the program works with this site has been changed a bit, and the --best-quality flag has been removed as it is the default behavior now.

    •  14 Jul 2010 22:41

      Release Notes: This release adds preliminary support for Dailymotion videos, improves support for WebM in YouTube, adds support for the "original" video format in YouTube, adds a --max-quality option, and adds support for URLs, apart from fixing a few outstanding issues.

      •  06 Jun 2010 16:39

        Release Notes: This release fixes several outstanding problems, improves support for RTMP downloads in YouTube, and adds a few new options and initial support for WebM.

        •  05 Apr 2010 00:15

          Release Notes: This release fixes issues with Vevo videos in YouTube.

          •  03 Apr 2010 08:46

            Release Notes: This releases fixes a few bugs that were detected in the YouTube playlist support and adds a new output template parameter called "ord".

            •  02 Apr 2010 22:13

              Release Notes: This version fixes the recent "Invalid parameters" error that YouTube was issuing when the video information page was being requested. Note that support for Vevo videos appears to be partly broken and will not be fixed in this release. In addition, Yahoo! Video is now supported.

              •  13 Mar 2010 18:09

                Release Notes: This releases fixes the behavior of the program with the -g option.

                •  07 Mar 2010 13:54

                  Release Notes: This release fixes several reported issues and adds the --no-progress option.

                  •  13 Feb 2010 19:52

                    Release Notes: This is mostly a bugfix release that solves several reported issues. In addition, the program now features a generic downloader that attempts to work with any unknown URL the user provides, and appears to work with several sites in tests.

                    •  19 Jan 2010 22:14

                      Release Notes: This release improves rtmpdump support and adds support for Google Video and Photobucket.


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