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Version 2010.10.24 of youtube-dl

Release Notes: This release fixes several issues and adds a new --cookies option to be able to load and save cookies from a Netscape-format cookie file.

    Other releases

    •  05 Aug 2011 22:24

      Release Notes: This release makes YouTube videos work again after the recent changes in that site.

      •  29 Mar 2011 20:40

        Release Notes: This release fixes a program crash that was happening with certain YouTube videos, and fixes the date extraction regular expression in YouTube.

        •  26 Feb 2011 00:32

          Release Notes: This release adds support for Facebook videos, improves support for YouTube playlists, and adds support for YouTube artist playlists. A new option, --extract-audio, has been added to convert video files to audio-only files using ffmpeg. A few minor bugs have been fixed.

          •  30 Jan 2011 12:19

            Release Notes: This release fixes the existing problem with Dailymotion support, and adds suport for downloading all videos uploaded by a given YouTube user. The program now requires Python 2.5. In addition, several minor bugs have been fixed and a few minor features have been added.

            •  09 Dec 2010 21:57

              Release Notes: This release fixes support for YouTube after the recent site changes that broke the program. In addition, it adds support for, fixes a few minor bugs, and adds a few minor features.


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              Project Spotlight

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