Version 12.0.4 of YourKit Java Profiler

Release Notes: This release fixes sampled allocation recording, which might crash the profiled application if CPU sampling had never been started. The bundled JRE has been upgraded to Java 7.

    Other releases

    •  15 Apr 2014 22:07

    Release Notes: The UI of "Event Timeline" has been reworked. Nested events are now shown as tree nodes. Columns have been cleaned up. The new "Time (ms)" column shows event duration. Some built-in probe tables have been given shorter names to improve readability in the UI.

    •  09 Apr 2014 22:30

    Release Notes: Built-in support for SSH tunneling has been added. Improved UI responsiveness when the profiler is connected to a live profiled application. Reduced overhead of connecting the profiler UI to a remote application. The agent is no longer blocked until all data is transferred to the profiler UI on each update, which might cause performance issues in the case of slow network connections.

    •  01 Apr 2014 23:03

    Release Notes: A redesigned snapshot format improves snapshot loading. Snapshots from the previous release can still be opened. Snapshot capture should should take less time in some cases. Memory snapshot capture progress advances more smoothly.

    Release Notes: Many improvements in HPROF dumps loading. Android HPROF dumps can be loaded directly without conversion. A new synchronization mechanism significantly reduces overhead when profiling multi-threaded applications. In particular, this improvement affects: CPU tracing, probes, object allocation recording, monitor profiling, and exception telemetry. Profiler opens Web application memory snapshots much faster. A dark UI color theme is available for Mac OS X.

    •  29 Apr 2013 22:14

      Release Notes: The agent log file could not be created if the session name contained invalid file name characters.


      Project Spotlight


      A Java library and applications for software licensing.


      Project Spotlight

      Yet Another Telephony Engine

      A telephony engine for PBX, IVR, and gateways.