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Release Notes: This prerelease featured a 2.6.10 cko patched kernel, 2.6 kernel headers, NPTL, SELinux, GNOME 2.8, KDE 3.3.2, and resizing of NTFS based partitions during installation. Hardware based translucency is now supported for NVIDIA-based systems.

  •  25 Aug 2004 03:42

Release Notes: This release provides the power user with many new features, encompassing Reiser4 support for the root filesystem, new non-destructive NTFS resizing, graphical partitioning, option to use GRUB or LILO bootloaders, a new clustered control panel, KDE 3.3.0 Final, Linux kernel, default firewall and the Office Suite, all provided on 1 CD. The default "look and feel" has been enhanced and many bugfixes have been applied, including PCMCIA support during install and support for PPPoE.

Release Notes: This release included KDE 3.3.0 RC2, a new nVidia driver (6111), ISAPnP, a UDF patch, bt848 support, an MPPE patch, and PCMCIA as an install option. The partition on which to put lilo can now be selected. Support for a /home partition was added. Hundreds of packages were added and updated, GLX improvements were made for non-nVidia cards, and experimental support for ATI 3D hardware accelleration was added. There were also many bugfixes.

Release Notes: This is the final release for Yoper version 2. Version 2 is a complete redesign of Yoper based around kernel 2.6 (2.6.7) and apt/rpm support. Patches to the kernel include Con Kolivas performance patches, win4lin support, vmware support, reiserfs4, Secure Shell file system, CDROM Supermount, and Ndiswrapper. All of the latest available software packages are also integrated (gcc-3.4.1, glibc-2.3.3, kde-3.2.3).

Release Notes: Yoper is now RPM based. An Apt repository is now the main way to update and install packages. The installer now allows a choice between Minimal and YKde. Gnome 2.6 and KDE 3.2.2 were included, and all other software packages were updated. Kernel 2.4.25 and the latest Con Kolivas performance patches were included, and the whole OS was prepared for 2.6. Hardware recognition is improved and the ALSA drivers are now used by default.

Release Notes: New features include Gentoo Portage integration, Kerberos support, the Evolution mail client (included on CD2), GNOME 2.2, and an experimental update function for Yoper V1 users.

  •  05 Mar 2003 19:11

Release Notes: The updates to this first non-development release include XFree86 4.3, glibc 2.3.2, and many other packages.

Release Notes: This release candidate features changes that involve kde-3.1 final, X4.3-rc1, SCSI, the Terminal Server option, Winmodem support, NTFS dualboot support, PPPOE, CDRW support, and IPSEC VPN support. The hardware detection system from Knoppix was included, and lots of updates and fixes were made.

Release Notes: This release candidate features changes that involve XFT2 support, USB keyboard support during the install, a fix for Geforce4 cards, support for thousands of foomatic printers, and lots of small fixes.

Release Notes: This release candidate features changes that involved Reiserfs, ext3, DOS FS, initrd, boot floppy support, printer support, DHCP, PCMCIA, VMware, NVIDIA drivers, Trident XFree86 drivers, CDROM automounting, and Palm Pilot support. There were also many small bugfixes.


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