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Yokadi is a command-line oriented, SQLite powered, TODO list tool. It helps you organize all the things you have to do and you must not forget. It aims to be simple, intuitive, and very efficient. In Yokadi, you manage projects, which contain tasks. At the minimum, a task has a title, but it can also have a description, a due date, an urgency, and keywords. Keywords can be any word that help you to find and sort your tasks.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  09 Apr 2011 09:57

    Release Notes: Cryptographic support was added to encrypt the titles and descriptions of tasks. t_apply now accepts an id range (x-y). The special keyword "__" can used in t_apply to affect all tasks previously select by t_list. The cryptography depends on the Python Cryptographic Toolkit; without it, the encryption feature will be disabled.

    •  06 Jul 2010 22:13

      Release Notes: Negative keyword support, e.g. t_list !@home. Permanent filters on a keyword or project. ‘t_filter @foo’ will filter any further call to t_list on @foo keyword. The ability to filter tasks by due date, e.g. t_list –due tomorrow, t_list –due sunday. Notes support for things that belong to a project without being a task. Add it with n_add and list it with n_list.

      •  25 Nov 2009 21:46

        Release Notes: This release fixes a crash in the bug_edit function.

        •  03 Nov 2009 22:47

          Release Notes: A packaging bug involving a broken symlink was fixed.

          •  01 Nov 2009 20:34

            Release Notes: Dynamic display width according to user terminal. Display of keywords in t_list. Bugs keywords are prefixed with a '_' to distinguish them from user keywords. The YOKADI_DB environment variable can be defined to set the default yokadi database path. Tasks can be grouped by keyword instead of project. The special character _ can be used to represent the last task ID. Custom aliases can be defined for all commands with a_add. This release has switched from the GPL v3 to the GPL v3 or newer.


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