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Y Object Database Adapter

Y Object Database Adapter (YODA) is an environment for creating and running network accessible applications. It can permanently store objects of any type and complexity, and supports attributes of most types (with the exception of only a few Python types, such as thread locks). It can be extended with YODA- server applications, and an application compiler and loader are provided.

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Release Notes: This release includes updated versions of the YES and SCION servers.

  •  30 Nov 2002 21:42

    Release Notes: This release is now designed to handle large event streams, features automatic discovery of other YES servers, and uses the XMLRPC protocol. It now also automatically discovers the event queues on other YES servers and will file them accordingly, and supports multicasts as well as broadcasts.

    •  10 Nov 2002 23:16

    Release Notes: "YODA interface application" provides you transparent access to the information stored in a distributed object store without knowledge of which physical repository holds it. If one repository fails and an object can be found someplace else (in the replica repository), YODA will find and extract this information for you "at no extra cost". The YODA interface provides two ways to access to the objectstore: the native YODA interface and XMLRPC.

    •  01 Nov 2002 19:10

    Release Notes: This release is a major step in YODA-II functionality. Two major improvements were added (metadirectory and replication).

    •  12 Oct 2002 04:25

    Release Notes: This release introduces few new applications, including /app/Shmem for supporting public and private shared dictionaries, and "device-like" objects such as /device/Hash, a "device" that calculates a hash value for the input.


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