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YES Linux is a server appliance for small and medium size networks to quickly and easily build an Internet presence. It completely installs in under 10 minutes and 2 screens. It features a secure Web server, a secure email server with Web-based email, a firewall, spam filtering, WebDAV support, an FTP server, an SSH server, a PostgreSQL database, the Resin J2EE server, Java, Apache Ant, PHP 5, Autonomous Backups, and complete Web-based administration.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  11 May 2005 02:24

Release Notes: This release features updates to PHP and Apache. It also adds egs.

  •  08 Apr 2005 02:07

    Release Notes: The two most exciting new features are user management and autonomous backup of applications. The user management feature allows the management of users and groups for access to YES administration and Web sites. The backup features allows for efficient backups of all critical system data and is XML configurable. This release also includes a fix to the Microsoft WebDAV bug.

    •  16 Mar 2005 04:30

      Release Notes: This release features more updates to features than to new features such as bind-utils, PHP, OpenSSH, sudo, and mod_security (IDS). Two of the new features are the transparent integration of PGP to Squirrelmail and inclusion Hierachical Token Bucket (HTB).

      Release Notes: This release features updates to Java, PHP, Apache, the kernel, the firewall, and Resin. It adds an Intrution Detection System and integrates an Apache anti-spam module.

      Release Notes: Some of the most significant changes are the ability to manage Website virtual hosts from the administration application, the ability to view statistics for all Websites including virtual hosts and email server from the administration application, the ability to purchase domain names from either the introduction or from the administration application, the ability to modify the internal firewall from the administration application, and the introduction of a dynamic message bus to the configuration.


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