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yesClock is an application based on the YES watch. The Yes watch uses a novel approach to displaying time, showing where in the day you are rather than just the time. The Yes watch approach, used by this companion yesClock software application for your desktop, is a way of measuring time that is more intuitive and natural than any other.

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Release Notes: This release adds elongated ticks on the third/fifth hour to make telling time easier, a color chooser to change background colors, options to toggle markers, jewels, and time, and a --noframe option. Window placement and size is now saved.

  •  20 Mar 2002 22:56

Release Notes: A fix for some JVMs that don't draw strings properly, a fix for another problem that resulted from IBM's JVM being unable to mix Swing and Awt components properly, and a fix for a minor memory leak. This version should work correctly on all 1.2+ JVMs.

Release Notes: A visual map has been added to the configuration for setting the long/lat. The index page of the site was munged due to a bug in the documentation source XML; this has been fixed.

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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MUltihost SSH Wrapper

Broadcasts commands over SSH to multiple hosts.


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A Web-based LDAP client written in Python.