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Yersinia implements several attacks for the following protocols: Spanning Tree (STP), Cisco Discovery (CDP), Dynamic Host Configuration (DHCP), Hot Standby Router (HSRP), Dynamic Trunking (DTP), 802.1q, Inter-Switch Link Protocol (ISL), and VLAN Trunking (VTP). It helps the pen-tester in different tasks, such as becoming the root role in the Spanning Tree, creating virtual CDP neighbors, setting up rogue DHCP servers, becoming the active router in a HSRP scenario, enabling trunk, performing ARP spoofing over VLAN hopping, adding or deleting VLANs (via VTP), and more.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Nov 2013 20:21

    Release Notes: This release fixes an issue with network interfaces under Linux. It fixes a pcap_compile error. It has minor refactoring of interfaces.c.

    •  19 Jun 2006 11:05

      Release Notes: A new GTK interface was added. A new protocol was added: 802.1x. Lots of bugfixes were made. The core has been developed in order to easily integrate new protocols or attacks. More documentation was written.

      •  19 Sep 2005 23:04

        Release Notes: This release adds --with-libnet-includes and --with-pcap-includes to the configure script. It adds Darwin OS support to the configure script. A bug when using more than 1 command line argument has been fixed. Support has been added for IPv4 filtering for the network daemon in the configuration file; now expressions with '-', '*' and CIDR are supported.

        •  02 Aug 2005 21:39

          Release Notes: Initial ISL support. A bug in allowing listenening to multiple interfaces, gcc 4 warnings, and many windows errors when using 80x25 terminals in ncurses mode have been fixed. The user, password, and enable password for the daemon mode have been added to the configuration file. A problem with the interfaces thread using 100% CPU has been fixed.

          •  24 May 2005 21:15

            Release Notes: This release adds a 'g' option (for switching among modes, which is useful if you run a window manager that manages F1, F2, etc.). An annoying deadlock with TTY terminal and uptime thread, bad man page examples, an annoying memory leak due to thread design, a possible bug in term_delete_node, and htonl/ntohl issues on hsrp_send_raw have been fixed.


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